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    Semantics? "Which type of links should be built between switches in the distribution and core layers of a campus network? (Choose all that apply)"



      I went ahead and assumed that layers 1-3 would be needed as layer 3 depends on layers 1 and 2 and layer 2 depends on layer 1 etc making the first 3 layers valid answers. The problem here is that this question seems to imply that Layer 2 links are exclusively VLAN link. If someone asked me to describe a Layer 2 link I would talk about a link that used hardware addresses, or a layer 2 specific protocol addressing scheme like DLCIs in frame relay, layer 2 protocols like CDP, LLDP, ARP, VTP, DTP, VLANs, STP etc etc...


      Is this just a poorly worded question or have I misunderstood something? For exam purposes do you think it would be a good idea to use the note feature to explain my reasoning? I think Cisco's aim in their exams has been to make a test that accurately reflects a demonstration of someone's knowledge that is applicable to real wold scenarios so (again assuming I'm not misunderstanding something) I hesitate to just remember an incorrect answer for the exam.