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    Where is the VTP configuration revision number stored?


      The textbook explaining is a little vague and confusing and apparently this issue has cause a bit of a problem for others as well. The book had the following to say about where VTP information is stored:

      I took this to mean that the VTP configuration revision number is a part of "VTP information" which is stored in the Switch's (that is operating as a VTP server) flash memory file system. Cool I went on with my reading and came across this head scratcher...

      So I'm thinking to myself, alright the context seems to indicate that a switch operating as a VTP client handles the VTP revision number differently and stores it in NVRAM.


      (EDIT: Ok I just realized that the context in the screen shot above isn't clear. The beginning of it seems to be describing switches configured as VTP clients, but then the first bullet says to change it to transparent and then BACK TO SERVER)


      So after a little googling I came across a thread in this community discussing this issue. The second to last post had this to say:

      Then, immediately following that, this guys shares a bit of info which clears things up by making this a little more complicated...


      So help me make sure I got this right... Not only is the VTP information (for now I'm really just curious about the VTP configuration revision number) stored differently depending on what VTP mode a given switch is configured with, but it is also stored differently on different models AND on different version of IOS... ?