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    Voice VLAN configuration question


      This figure provided in the chapter shows the 4 different configuration options for voice VLANs. In the caption above the Catalyst switch it says "Special 802.1Q trunk CoS in 802.1p bits" and there is an arrow pointing towards the link.


      Does this mean that both the voice and data PDUs are tagged with 802.1p for QoS or is it only the voice PDUs that get the 802.1p tags? The text did not clarify this either.


      Also the vlan-id option is said to be the most versatile. The special-case trunk link would carry two different VLANs: a voice VLAN and a data VLAN. and then it says...


      Just so I'm clear... this switch's port on which the IP phone would be connect is actually configured as an access port, but with the special-case 802.1Q allows the port to form a trunk with the IP phone? So in the image I linked above... even though the image depicts the data PDUs as traveling over the "native VLAN" that is actually the access VLAN configured on the switch port?