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    Mindshare Levels


      Is there any difference at all between the MindShare levels.  I bough a copy of it last Friday and I am now thru the first level, but the second level is starting the same as the first.  All the questions are the same?!?!?!


      I have gotten stuck a couple of time as the answer does not come up and you get stuck in the NAT.  I had to restart the session multiple times to get it worked to so that I can get thru the level.


      Is anyone else unsing this game?  It seems as if my account is the only one there doing anything.


      So far it is fun to play but nothing great and not really worth the money at all.


      I am regretting buying it.  I have my CCENT test this comming Saturday and I want to get get some last minute testing in a fun way and I thought this was it, but it does not seem so at this point.