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    Help to Get download CCENT PDF and Verification number



      I have pass CCENT ICND1 on 27 Nov 2014 (INDIA)

      I have received Cisco ID number even I have registrated it

      Well i am getting all the information about my certificate from  Certificate Tracking system


      to obtain the PDF certificate as pe as mail send by cisco

      To obtain an electronic certificate copy:
      • Go to the Tracking System: www.cisco.com/go/certifications/login
      • Click on Certification Fulfillment
      • Next to "Fulfillment Preference" select Electronic (PDF via Email)
      • Click Save Preference and Continue


      I have done

      but when i click one save Preference and Continue I get form of address and fill up ok fill up and click continue





      i am getting purchase option

      when i click Purchase

      a email received to my email inbox

      This confirms your online order at CiscoCertificates.com

      Amount Charged: $0.00 USD
      Credit Card Number (last 4 digits)

      I dont understand What is that
      I pay 150 $ for exam even pass to download the e copy i need 3 USD
      Cisco not send me any E copy of certificate


      I need Verification Number to show my company that i have done CCENT Certify.

      HOw to get it
      Plz helo me
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          Hi Sagar,


          On the certificate itself, there is certificate verification number.  Give that to your employer and inform them that they can use that number at the site below.  Good luck!


          Also, you can either get the hard copy or the soft copy of the certificate at no charge.  If you want both, you will have to pay the fee.



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            Rigo - Community Moderator

            Hi Sagar,


            Congrats on becoming CCENT certified!


            As Erick has stated above, you will be provided with one complimentary certificate of your choice (one Printed OR one Electronic) for achieving the CCENT Certification.


            When a candidate becomes officially certified in the Certification Tracking System,  they receive a congratulatory email with specific instructions for  their certificate. To  choose your complimentary kit type, you may login to your Certification  Tracking System profile and click on the Certification Fulfillment  page. In the Certification Fulfillment page under "Default Certificate  Type Preference" a candidate can choose either Printed OR Electronic.  The default preference is set to "Printed" so if candidates do not make a  selection of their own then the printed certificate will be  automatically sent.


            Once you click "Save Preference and Continue" your setting will be saved. Payment information is only necessary if you want to purchase additional copies of your certificate.


            You can keep track of your complimentary certificate  status by clicking on History (on the left navigational bar) and select  Fulfillment on the pull down tab. (Note: This is not a mailing delivery  tracking tool. This tool only provides the current status of your  certificate until it is mailed/sent out)


            Lastly, the certificate verification number can be found on the actual certificate. So if you are still waiting to receive your certificate, please note that there is Publish Credentials tool that you can use in the meantime to verify your valid certifications for  an employer or other 3rd parties. For specific  instructions to on how to Publish Credentials, click here.




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              Thank  you

              Now I Understood

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                Tshepo TEE

                Hi wrote my CISCO CCNA exam and I passed, but now I cannot seem to download a PDF version of my certification because I cannot see any Certification Fulfillment option anywhere. Please help me out


                Thank you

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                  Rigo - Community Moderator

                  Hi Tshepo,


                  Congrats on your exam pass!


                  The Certification Fulfillment is available directly through the Certification Tracking System. Just to be sure, did you verify your personal information in your Certification Tracking System profile?


                  You may be required to verify your personal information first before the other areas of the profile, such as Certification Fulfillment, become accessible. If your Certification Tracking System profile prompts you to verify your information, click on "Personal Information" on the left side of the page to review or update your address and other details. Once you review or update your personal information, scroll down and click "Submit." Once this is done, all other sections on your profile will be accessible.


                  If you still do not see the Certification Fulfillment section, please open a case with the Certification & Communities Online Support team and they will be able to assist you further.


                  Lastly, just want to add that if you are a new to the Certification Tracking System, we recommend viewing the Certification Tracking System How-To Videos to give you a quick overview of the profile.




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                    Tshepo TEE

                    thanks Rigo