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    Career Coach Assignment: Conducting Job Research

    Christine Yoshida, Ed.D.

      Here is an assignment for those of you following the Career Coach Blog: I would like you to complete the following activity and share your thoughts on what you discover, relevant to your own career challenges.

      Your Assignment

      One of the most informative resources available online is the O*NET®, an online database of job profiles that is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. This database is an excellent place to look up different job roles and to view various details about the nature of the jobs, such as: the key skills needed, the interest “code” that tells you what personal interests match best with the job, the average salary (which can be further filtered by state), the projected demand, the education level required, and many more pieces of information. This is the tool that I would like you to use to complete the assignment. Here are the steps:

      1.  To start with, let’s take a look at the description for Network and Computer Systems Administrators located at http://online.onetcenter.org/link/summary/15-1071.00. First read the tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities. How closely do these match your current skills or the skills that you hope to acquire? Click on the “Interests” link and note that the interest code is “IRC.” Read through what these letters mean. Do you know what your “interest code” is? Did you know there are assessments that will tell you what your interest code is? How closely do you think that your interests match this occupation?


      3. Next, take a look at the “Work Values” section and note the three main work values of “Working Conditions,” “Support,” and “Achievement.” How closely do the work values that are fulfilled by this job match with your own personal work values?


      4. Now compare this job description with the one for Network Designers at http://online.onetcenter.org/link/summary/15-1099.03. What are the main differences in skills, interests, work styles, and work values? How are salaries and employment different?

      5. Finally, review the description for Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts at http://online.onetcenter.org/link/summary/15-1081.00. Review the same set of information. What are the main differences? Out of the three jobs, which ones are the closest to what you want and need?

      Special Assignment for Those of You Living Outside of the United States

      Try to locate a resource similar to O*NET in your area of the world and share it with the community here on this discussion forum. Let's pull together these shared resources and create an international resource document as a result of our collective efforts.