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    VIRL physical server requirements.


      Hi everyone.


      I am thinking about purshasing a refurbished physical server for VIRL, but I have a couple of questions.


      Here are the requirements http://virl-dev-innovate.cisco.com/ :

      • Four CPU cores and 8GB of DRAM, more resources allows for larger simulations
      • Intel VT-x / EPT or AMD-V / RVI virtualization extensions present and enabled in the BIOS
      • Directly on VMware Fusion, Workstation or Player also on ESXi 5.1U2 (Build 1483097) or ESXi 5.5U1 (Build 1623387)


      Cannot find clear answer to these quastions:

      • Will a CPU with VT-x feature, but not EPT, make the deal? (or CPU with AMD-V but not RVI)
      • From http://virl-dev-innovate.cisco.com/, I cannot find inf. about performance: How many IOSv, IOS XRv, NX-OSv, CSR1000v we can start in the same time?
      • At what extend can we prepare CCNA/CCNP or eventually CCIE DC with NX-OSv on VIRL?


      Let me know If I can forward these questions to more apropriate forum or maybe VIRL product manager.




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          • I believe you have to have EPT, as that is what allows the nested virtualization piece.
          • There is currently a 15 node limit imposed on VIRL. We're all anxiously waiting on Cisco to fix this major shortcoming.
          • I would get at least 16GB of RAM for whatever you end up using for VIRL. 32GB would be even better, and probably not much more expensive.