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    Cisco Mind Share - full version worth buying?


      I have downloaded and completed the demo, really enjoyed it, but think £50 is quite a steep cost - is it woirth the money? has anyone purchased software and is happy - feel they have improved understanding.





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          Hi Geoff,


          This is purely my opinion but I agree -- I think Mind Share is overpriced.  It's entertaining for sure but it doesn't seem quite as comprehensive as I would have liked.  Right now I'm using the "CCNA Flash Cards and Exam Practice Pack" and I think it offers a better value. It has 1400 questions (700 in print, 700 you can go through on the computer) and quick reference sheets. Topic material covers both ICND 1 and 2.


          I'm not sure what the price would be abroad, but I got mine on amazon for $39 bucks, no tax, and free shipping. Well worth it.