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    GNS3 and VM question....


      I've been having issues getting the IOU device to connect to another device. IOU device to IOU device works fine. I googled it and found this possible solution. I just need someone to hopefully show me how to implement it. First of all, here's the error message I get when I try to connect a router, switch etc. to an IOU device:

      "Server error [-3200] from IOU1: Could not create an UDP connection to [Errno 101] Network is unreachable". is the IP address of my virtual machine, and is my machine running Windows 7. The possible solution to the problem is this which I found on the internet:"Most likely your VM cannot communicate with the local server IP address. A solution can be to set the host binding to an address in the same subnet, for instance: if your VM has". I understand what he is saying. I just need to know how to implement the solution. BTW, I'm using virtual box to run GNS3 IOU VM operating system Debian 32bit. My host machine is running Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Thanks

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          Do you have any routing protocols or static route entries?  It sounds like your router doesn't know how to get to the subnet your Windows PC is using and vice-versa.  If you show me a topology diagram of your network I should be able to help more specifically.

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            My topology is fairly simple: c7200 router connected to an IOU switch connected to another c7200 router. I have a static route on the VM, which is running the IOU, to my machine. When I did that, I  was able to connect to the IOU from the IOS device. However, the devices cannot ping eachother. I was wondering how to set the host binding  to an address in the same subnet.For instance, if your VM has an IP address thanks

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              So the router is trying to connect to another router through a switch that both routers are connected to?  If that's the case, both router interfaces need to be on the same subnet as the routers are connected to each other through a LAN. 


              Can you explain the rest of the topology and where the VM computer/physical computers are connected to the network? What IPs are assigned to which interfaces on the routers?   

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                IN GNS3, I can connect c7200 router to c7200 router and they ping eachother. The interfaces on both routers are in the same subnet. I put both in the so I could ping between the 2. I then put a generic GNS3 ethernet switch between the 2 routers, and they will still ping eachother. However, when I put the IOU switch between the 2 routers, they won't even connect with the IOU switch, until I put a static route on the VM, which contains the IOU(IP static route I put on the VM is: ip route add via My computer is on the network. I even put a virtual interface on the switch, interface vlan1, and I still couldn't ping the switch or the routers. I can get a connection between the IOU switch and routers only after adding the static route on the VM. But, I cannot ping between the routers or the routers and the switch. I think it has something to do with host binding as I mentioned in my original post. I just dont know how to implement it.

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                  thanks for the all the replies. I found the solution on another forum. The answer is posted below if anyone else has the same problem:


                  Under Edit>Preferences>GNS3 Server>Local Server.

                  The host binding must be in the network of the GNS3 IOU VM in order for you to connect an L3 IOS image with an L2/L3 IOU image.