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    Integrating Solar winds with GNS3



      Today I tried to integrate SW NetFlow Real time with GNS3 and worked out really well. Here are the steps:

      1. Download NetFlow Realtime and NetFlow Configurator from SW which is freeware

      2. Create a loopback adaptor in GNS3 as shown in fig1

      3. Make the configurations on R1 and R2 as shown in fig 2 and fig 3

      4. Follow the steps as I did on NetFlow Configurator

      5. Goto Tools>Add NetFlow Device>IP address and community string as public

      6. Now make any interesting traffic and you will be able to monitor



      2014-02-22 10_47_35-SuperPuTTY - R1.jpg

      2014-02-22 10_48_29-SuperPuTTY - R2.jpg

      2014-02-22 10_49_31-.jpg

      2014-02-22 10_50_11-SolarWinds NetFlow Configurator.jpg

      2014-02-22 10_52_11-NetFlow Realtime.jpg

      2014-02-22 10_52_52-.jpg

      2014-02-22 10_54_02-NetFlow Realtime.jpg

      Hope you guys like this !!! Thanks