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    Upgrade CUCM 7.x to 9.x


      Hello Guys,

      we are planning to upgrade our cucm 7.x to 9.x we purchased a new UCS server and planning to install the new cucm 9.x on it. we want to minimize downtime so we will let the 7.x running and install the new code on the new server then bring the new one into production by unplugging the cable from the old server and connect them to the new server we will be using the same ip addresses for the Pub and the Sub. Here is the thing we want to move all the configuration from the old cucm 7.x to 9.x .The config is too big to start from scratch i thought about doing a backup from 7.x using disaster recovery and do a restore from backup using 9.x but after reading a cisco document you can only do a restore from backup using same version. i don't know if i am reading it right.

      Can someone please explain what is the best option in this type of scenario?