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    The Cisco Certified Architect is here!

    Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

      For those who were waiting and/or hearing rumors, or interested in this "thing" floating on the horizon....  It's here.


      Released this morning:




      Let the entertainment begin!



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          Thanks Scott,


          Looking for to this.



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            Wow!  So CCIE is no longer top dog?  I am guessing that for the Scott Morris' out there that have like 4 or 5 CCIE's, this is the next step huh?

            Very Interesting, but I think I will try to get my first CCIE before becomming an CCA.

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              Hi Jared,


              you right about attempting CCIE. i will first try to get my CCDE before even considering the CCA.


              I'm shocked that the CCIE doesn't qualify as the prequisite. i would think guys worked hard enough to get to this level and know they must do there CCDE. that's just crazy.


              They should atleast give a guy with 2 CCIE the okay. These exams are not cheap.


              just my view point because if i had my CCIE i would be upset that i would need to do my CCDE just to start the Application process


              Scott will they have a discussion on this at Networkers




              p.s i'm keen to see the blueprint and the study guides required.

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                Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

                I'm not entirely sure I'm on board with the pre-requisites either although I understand what they are thinking...


                There's supposed to be a meeting/discussion here although details haven't been released yet.   Stay tuned for the excitement!  Networkers is definitely the place to at least find the proper people!


                I'm sitting in the CCDE Techtorial right now enjoying all the humor!




                PS.  Yes, this is now on my radar...  But I have to get the CCDE completed first as that was already on my list of things to do!  One major life event at a time!!!

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                  Ryan Hicks

                  I head heard thaat CCIE and CCDE were required for CCA, but it is much better to get the info directly from the source.  I am game whenever they get this straightened out.  Scott, Let me know when the CCA session is if you hear before me.  I have heard you guys making a racket over there... I am right next door.  I mmight have to see if I can sneak in to make an appearance and say hi to all you guyss I have chatted with on here over the last year.

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                    Fernando Martinez

                    WOW sound good!!!   now i have to  finish mine CCIE  then go for CCDE 


                    but i have a question for all also for cisco....  what is going the PIRAMIDE  looks like now?  CCNA, CCNP, CCIE and on top CCA   huhu how?



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                      I think this is going to be a very good certification.  I think requiring CCDE is a little extreme, but with the goals in mind for the certified individual I can understand the CCDE needed.  I guess that means CCIE tests will go up and the CCDE will as well.  More revenue.  I wonder how much the board exam will cost for the CCA.

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                        Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

                        The Architect is like an umbrella covering two separate and distinct pyramids.  There's one pyramid for implementation, which the CCIE is on top.  There's another pyramid for design, which the CCDE is on top.


                        Very similar that you have different tracks, the Architect (IMHO) is not dislodging anyone from being at the top of their pyramid.  It is merely something above, beyond and encompassing.


                        At least that's my view of the world at the moment. 



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                          Brad McConnell

                          I'd be completely ok with it if the pre-reqs were CCIE and CCDE.  I still view the IEs as a technical/operational process and the DE as more hands-off that focuses on product options, restrictions, features, etc.  The only phrase that's really bugging me is that this is already directly marketed as "above" the CCIE certification but with the current pre-reqs can be obtained without ever having an eight hour "perform or get out" session on pure configuration.  If they want to umbrella over two tracks, I think success must be proven under both parts of the umbrella first.


                          Brad McConnell

                          CCIE #16147 (R&S,SP,Sec)

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                            Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

                            The phrase "The certification stands above the expert-level CCIE®  certification in terms of difficulty...", bugs me a bit as well.  I think if I were already an IE and working toward CCDE, that I would find it a motivating challenge.  That would certainly put an individual in a unique category.  However, when you are like me and struggling to climb to the top of the original pyramid (CCIE), it's not as motivating.


                            In any case, I am after the IE now.  There's just more options in the future.  I certainly think the CCIE will retain its value in the eyes of those that really understand it and/or who have been through the process.  There will likely be some that, in there minds devalue it a bit, simply because there is something bigger out there.

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                              I am attending the CCDE techtorial and I dont think it is going anywhere. :-)

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                                Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE



                                I completely agree with that...  And will be expressing my opinion here at Networkers to that extent.    I'm always unsure of things that show up in a press-release though as far as whether they're the "end information" or just some interpretation/editing thereof!


                                But otherwise, yes.



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                                  Jeremy Filliben



                                  I'll disagree, as I think that being able to architect a network doesn't require knowledge of all the knobs within a router/switch.  It's really a very different role.  I'll concede that it helps to have command-level knowledge of IOS, and that most of the people who can do proper architecture are also well-suited for the CCIE.  It also helps to have the 'street cred' that comes with a CCIE when discussing network design.


                                  For example, a network architect would need to know which devices in a network topology should be considered the core, and what routing protocols should be used to build it.  The CCIE would be able to build the configurations, tweak the timers, configure redistribution, etc.  The architect only needs to know that timers can (and should) be tweaked, and redistribution should or should not occur, and at what boundaries.  I certainly don't recall seeing a proper design in my CCIE lab, but I did prove I could configure a bunch of routing protocols on an 8 device network!


                                  As for the CCA, the rumored $15k pricetag doesn't make any sense for my employer, and probably not for me personally unless there's some way to recoup the cost.  Hopefully I'll be invited to the breakout discussion here a Cisco Live and see the real facts for this exam, so I can make a determination as to whether it's appropriate for me.



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