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    Failed CCNA twice, now unsure what to do


      Hello. I tried 640-802 twice. Second time i came so close - 775 out of 825. I got stuck 3 questions from finish - it was an ACL sim.

      I was fighting it and did not noticed time ran out. If i would keep better track of the time i would 5 minutes before end jump to last 2 questions and try my luck.

      Now i just stupidly blew my chance. I was so down by this that i could not prepare accordingly until 30th September - i was terriefied if i fail again this is is the end. And since i did not prepared enough i did not took exam - it is not a good idea to take an exam your company has to pay for if you have no chance of passing it.

      So i now i have to study for CCNA v2.0,and i dont know where to begin.

      I used Todd Lammle's book "CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 7th Edition" to prepare for v1.1 exam.

      He does not have a book on new exam out yet - end of October.


      How much does v2.0 exam differs from 1.1? Will his book and practicing be enough?

      What should i do to improve my answering speed?

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