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    VTP config


      Hello experts!!!


      Here I’m running a piece of museum…it’s a C2900XL-C3H2S-M IOS Version 12.0(5)WC17


      I really want to know what is the comm to config the VTP domain name and mode on this thing? Also wondering if there is any command to configure multiple interfaces at a time for this ver? range seems to be not available…


      Thanks a bunch!


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          I don't think the int range command is going to be available.  I know on my older switches it isn't.  vtp is pretty easy to set up. normally in global config use 'vtp domain name or along those lines.  I'd use the ? if that isn't the correct command.  There's VTP mode too.  It's pretty easy.  I hope this helps.  You are using a piece of museum.

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            Chris Buscemi

            To configure any of the VLAN information, including VTP on that switch you'll need to be in the VLAN database configuration mode.


            From priveledged mode, enter the "vlan database" command.


            From there you'll be able to set the vtp parameters.


            Also, the latest version of the IOS supported by that switch (which you have) does not support the "interface range" command.


            Hope that helps.




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              Thnx for the tip Chris!


              Take care!