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    ICND 1 v1.1.  Could not complete ICND2.  So what now??


      I completed my self study for ICND1 over the better part of 7 months and passed over the Summer.  I was hoping to complete the ICND2 v1.1 before the deadline, but basically surrendered to the fact that my level of mastery for the ICND2 material and the amount of time remaining for the exam made it unlikely that I could pass.


      IPV6 is one of the primary reasons I began the CCNA track.  So, I am torn:

      1) ICND1 v2?

      2) CCNA v2?

      3) ICND2 v2?

      4) Study IPV6?


      Candidates come from many levels of experience, current work status, and other factors.  Personally, I work as a JOATAMON (jack of all trades and master of none).  So, CCNA is not the only certification that offers value to me in my current role and future roles.