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    Job market looks rosy

    Priscilla Oppenheimer

      Just stumbled onto this US Bureau of Labor paper from 2008 about the job market for Computer Systems Design and Related Services here:




      The job market looks good! The paper says:


      • The computer systems design and related services industry is expected to experience rapid growth, adding 489,000 jobs between 2006 and 2016.
      • Professional and related workers will enjoy the best job prospects, reflecting continuing demand for higher level skills needed to keep up with changes in technology


      But of most importance to us, check out the 82.3 percent upswing in jobs for networking systems and data communications analysts! This is way higher than other jobs. Programming jobs are expected to increase by only 8 percent. (Software engineering, though, looks good with an upswing of 62 percent.) Most of the jobs are expected to increase by only about 35 percent.


      We are definitely in the right place! And with our Cisco certifications, no telling what can happen!



      Priscilla Oppenheimer
      Network nerd and instructor

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          Chris Buscemi

          That's great to know.


          Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my first job in networking (actually in IT period) and I'll be poised to take advantage.


          Thanks for the heads up.



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            I'm finding the opposite to be true in my area - where 3-4 months ago there were plenty of Cisco positions, specifically CCNP/CCIE roles, right now there are hardly any decent roles to be found.  Right now I'm in between work(actually enjoying the time off!) and have a few offers on the table, but they all take me overseas!



            I will say, though, the long term outlook looks very promising and the more businesses rely on the network to extend their services and capabilities, the more we will find our talents and skillsets in high demand.

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              Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

              I don't see it any better or worse here as compared to three months ago.  Long term, I think good people in technical fields have an excellent future.  I consider a good person in a good technical field one who did not get in it for the money, but who loves the work and their mind works in a certain methodical way that lends itself to technology (and troubleshooting).

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                Hi Priscilla.


                I agree with your post.  I know that it is sometimes difficult to see the bright side of things when you turn on the television and all you hear are the words recession, bankruptcy, defecit, debt, etc.  It is refreshing to know that technology is still growing and will continue to grow.


                As far as the job market is concerned, I believe it all depends on where you are located and where you are willing to travel to find that perfect job.  For instance, I would not want to be in Detroit if I were in the automobile  business.


                Cisco, networking and IT jobs whether entry level or experienced are out there, but it will take some dedication and commitment to find these jobs.  I don't live in a "technology centric" state, but after 7 years in IT, I finally got and interview for and all Cisco related job.  The good news is that the jobs are out there.  The bad news for the ones that aren't employed in IT is that once those positions are filled, people rarely leave.


                I wish everyone well in finding a job in IT in these trying times.  Don't give up and don't expect to start out managing Sprint's WAN.  You may need to start out doing some helpdesk work or even some LAN management to get some experience.  Stay on track and don;t give up.


                One closing thought about CCNA certifications.  I believe in a past post, someone once said that a certification is not ever going to replace experience.  This is so true.  I have a buddy who could give some of the CCIE's here a run for their money because he has been working for an ISP for 11 years.  He has no certifications.  Experience is the name of the game.  I am not speaking negative about certifications because it does show some level of competency, but it will never be a replacemnt for on the the job experience.  I too am still pursuing my dream job to work totally in the Cisco realm.  Until that day, I will continue to gain experience an knowledge in other realms of technology as this will make me even more valuable to future employers.





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                  Experience surely is key. I have no college background. I went from high school to a horrible technical school and straight in a help desk role for an ISP(supporting dial-up internet connections YAY fun lol). So for me, the certifications(in my case, Microsoft certs) have always helped me land positions. I'm hoping I have luck with my Cisco certs.


                  I'm in New Jersey, and I check for cisco/network positions at least 3 times a week. I haven't seen many. I received a call today about a Cisco field technician, but unfortunately, the pay was too low to survive on. Now, I know, to gain the experience, a pay cut may be needed, but this was a 15-20k difference. It's just not realistic for me.

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                    Priscilla Oppenheimer

                    Keep in mind that the Bureau of Labor report looks out to 2016. So the rosy job market is more in the future than right now in a lot of regions, so be patient. Right now is a good time to build skills, take classes, practice in a lab, read books and websites, watch TechWiseTV, and so on.


                    Also, the report doesn't mention this, but keep in mind that we baby boomers will be retiring soon. There are tons of us in IT right now but we won't be here for too much longer. Our jobs will become available soon. Also, in the meantime, we need fresh ideas and energetic co-workers.


                    I really do think the future looks bright for people learning Cisco, networking, etc.


                    Well, speaking of networking, etc., I better get back to work... :-)

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                      Scott Morris - CCDE/4xCCIE/2xJNCIE

                      Are you saying we're getting old?



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                        Hi Scott


                        If you can remember LAT you are old.


                        Regards Conwyn

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                          Kenny Taylor

                          I'm afraid to ask what LAT is..  I agree with ciscokeemz, experience and certifications are more important than a degree in this field.  Technology changes so quickly, and because the certs expire, you can be confident that someone with a current cert is up to speed.


                          The job market here (central California) was very, very slow until the first of the year.  It seemed to pick up for a few months and cool back off recently.

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                              I wasnt necessarily saying that experience and certifications are more important than a degree ....I was just saying since I opted not to go to college, the certifications have helped me in my career....I do believe IMHO, real experience should be worth more than a degree, though.



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                                skeemz - it's not terribly difficult to make a decent living without a degree so long as you have the certifications and the experience.  I know a CCIE in my area doesn't have to look hard to find jobs starting around $120k/yr.

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                                  thats exactly the salary i'm hoping for . I'd be happy with 100,000 even. As long as I am enjoying what I am doing.....because that's the most important thing. If you don't enjoy what you're doing, the $ doesn't mean a thing.


                                  Well, that's my opinion anyway.

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                                    That's a lofty goal.  Get some experience under your belt and start knocking out your professional level certs and you may get there.  Down here, though, 100k and up is engineering level work and requires 5+ years in the industry. A CCIE can get you in the door for interviews much easier, but even then, you still have to land the job.

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