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    CCNP R&S Official study material?


      Hi, Guys


      I have literally just completed the CCNA Exploration course via the Cisco NetAcad program and am preparing for my exam in the next few weeks. I am now looking forward to studying for the CCNP. I am based in the UK and the costs for CCNP courses are out of my price range, so I'm opting for the self-study route. My question relates to what 'official' material to study?


      On the CCNA NetAcad program, I was following four official companion guide books by Rick Graziani. These were the same word for word on the NetAcad site. Are there similar books to follow for the CCNP? I would like something that I can follow in depth rather than just get me 'exam ready'. A lot of the material I have seen online seems to be geared towards 'exam prep' rather than taking you from the beginning.


      From my limited research; I am going to do the CCNP Route exam first, I have free access to switches/routers from the networking team in my company and am also aware that I will need gns3 and at least 12hrs per week study time. It's the study material that I am not sure about.


      Has anyone done or is doing the CCNP via NetAcad that can tell me the books that are recommended by Cisco to study?


      Thanks a lot!!