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    CCDP or CCNP Security?

    Vusal Aliyev

      Hello Guys, I am a bit confused. I believe your helps will give me a good ideas.

      I have valid CCNA/CCNP certs. I want get CCNA Security ( I am ready for exam, but as you know I have to spend money for exams then I need to select one best path). But from certification tracking system i saw that if I give CCDA and ARCH exams I will get CCDA/CCDP certification. But for CCNP security I have to pass 5 exam (CCNA Sec+CCNP Sec).

      What do you recommend?  which is the best for my future and to find good job in the market?

      CCDP or CCNP Security?

      I want to work in Cisco in my country, and they want CCDP (:( but my favorite is security field)

      help me plz

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          brother Vusal,


          Per my suggestion, do CCDP first followed by CCNP-Sec. I am preparing for CCDP ARCH right now and would love to have you on my side. Post CCNP-Sec and CCIE-Sec with you too


          Hoping a long cherishing study journey with you



          Ashish Sehgal

          CCIE#38837 (R&S)



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            Vusal Aliyev

            Thank you brother. I have added you to my skype. As I ready for CCNA Security I also thought that to pass CCNA Security 1st, then CCDA and then CCDP. Good luck to all of us .

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              I am also looking at the same three tests that you are taking. I decided to do the CCDA after I got my CCNP because passing ARCH would get to CCDP. At first I was going to take CCDP right after CCDA, but will take CCNA Security to become more familiar with Cisco's security foundation. I usually tend to lean toward exams that are relevent to my current job, but will also benefit in future job searches. Currently my future outlook for certs are CCDA, CCNA Sec, CWSP (non-Cisco), and CCDP. May consider CCNA DC, and other vendor certs (Aruba, Brocade) mainly because this is what I am dealing with at work. I will aim for CCIE R&S no later than Feb 2015, and probably CCDE same year. Every now and then I like to throw in vendor-neutral certs (CompTIA, CWNP) because they assist with knowing the basics. Now I may seem like a cert junky, but I believe certs are a good tool to keep you sharp, learn new things, and make yourself more valuble.

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                I agree that CCDP is an "easy" cert to get as it's only 2 exams whereas the CCNP Security is 5 exams (CCNA+CCNP). I already have the CCDA and CCNA Security certs and I failed the CCDP last month with 5-10% due to lack of study time. I had to take this exam for the company I work for but I find CCNP Security to be more valuable in the market. I would thus suggest studying for your CCNP Security as it contains way more valuable information for your job.


                Just my two cents.

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                  Arunesh Choudhary

                  I am preparing for Switch, After that I want to do CCDP. do I have to Clear CCDA ( not listed in prerequisites) first ? Voice and security has almost same number of exams, I was thinking about voice/security after CCDP. Please suggest

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                    CCDA or Valid CCIE (any) is pre-requiste of CCDP. If you are CCNP then you need to write only CCDA and CCDP-ARCH (642-874)


                    HTH, Happy studying...


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                      Arunesh Choudhary

                      thanks ashish....I was thinking ....there is no need of CCDA. trying to skip that .... :-)
                      Will see later....not now ...take care.....happy studing you too...keep sharing thoughts