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    Bridge mode?

    Wong Teck Wu

      Hi guys,


      Not sure if anybody can help, I'm not able to find the information on this.


      Basically I have a client that needs to set a Cisco 877 DSL router to Bridge Mode.  How do I do that?  I saw some commands like bridge-group 1 etc.. but wonder what are the required settings for it to work.  I understand that setting a router to bridge mode would basically turn it into like a modem.  So the other device would just have to set the allocated LAN IPs (public IPs) for it to work right?


      Below is my current config:


      interface ATM0
      description DSL
      no ip address
      atm ilmi-keepalive
      dsl operating-mode itu-dmt
      interface ATM0.1 point-to-point
      description WAN
      ip address (Point to Point IP)
      ip nbar protocol-discovery
      ip inspect full in
      ip ips ips-128 in
      atm route-bridged ip
      pvc 0/33
        vbr-nrt 512 256
        encapsulation aal5snap
      interface FastEthernet0
      interface FastEthernet1
      interface FastEthernet2
      interface FastEthernet3
      interface Vlan1
      description Customer LAN
      ip address (/24 range public IPs)
      ip inspect full in
      ip ips ips-128 in


      default route