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    Books for CCNA - SP


      Hello All


      Can anybody please advice if there are any books / materials to refer for preparing this exam; I do understand that there are various books that covers most of the topics which form this exams but just wanted to know if there any concrete source.


      Many Thanks



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          I passed the SPNGN1 exam this morning.  I did this entirely through self-study using the Cisco Press CCNA 100-101 and 200-101 certification guides and the Cisco Press IOS XR Fundamentals book.  If you compare the topics covered in the books with the exam syllabus there are a few topics, mainly under "Security in the Network" and "Network Management", that can be filled in by browsing the pages on cisco.com.  I already hold the CCNA RS certification, which was a great help given the high degree of overlap between the exams and the large amount of CCNA material available.


          I haven't done SPNGN2 yet.  For the materials on the SPNGN2 syllabus I think I'll need to skim some of the old CCIP material available.  I note that IS-IS was on the old BSCI syllabus, so a BSCI book should fill in the gap.



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            congrats on your pass and thanks for your insight on this.





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              brother Olly,


              many congrats for your success. Can you please share links to download the supporting study material that you used to prepare.




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                Thanks Olly,


                Is there a massive difference between CCNA v1 and 2? I dont really want to buy books for a course i have already completed...


                It really does surprise me that there are not more organised resources for this course. I have only just decided to go via this path not CCNP R&S so am just descovering what everyone else has been complaining about for months and still Cisco have not responded. Even 3rd party trainers like CBT have not got going on this yet.


                I am going to try and compile a study list and some labs based on what you have said. If it is useful i will post it here.





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                  Hi Dan,


                  I think the main benefit of the CCNA routing and switching books is that they give you a feel for the level of knowledge that may be required for SPNGN1 / SPNGN2.  I used the latest books because I have a 'Basic Starter' subscription to SafariBooksOnline which allows me to use up to five books at a time.  The old ones are probably still good if you have them.  For the CCNA SP exams I put the following books on my Safari bookshelf:


                  ICND1 Exam Certification Guide

                  ICND2 Exam Certification Guide

                  IOS XR Fundamentals

                  ROUTE Exam Certification Guide

                  SWITCH Exam Certification Guide


                  Getting CLI experience with IOS-XR is a little tricky unless you happen to have a spare ASR9K lying around somewhere (unlikely).  I found that there is an 'IOS-XR Instruction' lab available through the Cisco Partner Education Connection (PEC) which you may be able to access if your company is a Cisco partner.  I hadn't tried out the ME3400 before the SPNGN1 exam which I probably should have done for some of the ES-port functionality.


                  I'm actually on the course for the SPROUTE exam this week because my real target is CCNP SP too.  While I completed the self study for SPNGN2 before this I didn't sit the exam because I knew it would be easier after a week on the SPROUTE course and access to the full Cisco CCNx-SP Learning Labs for the duration :-)


                  Hope that helps.



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                    Hi  Olly,


                    it feels like there is no such supporting material on sites and even at those who have passed the CCNA (SP) exam .

                    ur recomanded books are still supporting or not !



                    ICND1 Exam Certification Guide

                    ICND2 Exam Certification Guide

                    IOS XR Fundamentals

                    ROUTE Exam Certification Guide

                    SWITCH Exam Certification Guide


                    Can I get dumps from you . are they successfull ??


                    -- Usama

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                      Rigo - Community Moderator

                      Hi Usama,


                      Braindumps are not successful and there is no real value in using them. In fact, there can be serious consequences for using such material as you risk having your certifications revoked and can face a ban from the Cisco Certification program. Please refrain from requesting braindump material here on the Cisco Learning Network.


                      Cisco Learning Partners offer authorized training courses for the SPNGN1 and SPNGN2 exams, which is the recommended training. For your reference, you will find additional resources to help with your studies in the Study/Learn pages for the CCNA Service Provider exams. Please visit:


                      SPNGN1: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/ccna_service_provider/spngn1_exam?tab=studylearn


                      SPNGN2: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/ccna_service_provider/spngn2_exam?tab=studylearn


                      Best of luck on your studies!




                      Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                        jommuel ty

                        thank u for your info..i yes learn something today.....

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                          jommuel ty

                          thank you Rigo

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                            Hi Rigo ,


                            CCNA (SP) has two papers SPNGN1 & SPNGN2  . is it possible to appear in single exam??  If then it's exam code ...

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                              If you are trying to approach CCNA SP through self study, the books you will need depend on your level of knowledge and experience.  Instructor led courses are the easiest solution as you will get a study guide provided with the course that has everything you need to know.


                              If you don't have CCNA Routing and Switching I suggest you try that first (and possibly also CCNP R/S) as there are many published books for that course.  You then need to find books to cover the gaps to cover the service provider syllabus.  I found the IOS-XR fundamentals book good, but be aware that it is targetted at someone who had CCIP equivalent knowledge and wanted to convert to IOS-XR.  Some of the gaps can be filled in by the CCNP books, but if you view the CCNA SP as the first of many steps on the service provider track, you could go straight to the two Jeff Doyle Routing TCP/IP books as these are more comprehensive.


                              I don't think there is a combined exam for CCNA SP.



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                                Hi Olly,


                                Could you please provide me links for getting below books:


                                IOS XR Fundamentals

                                ROUTE Exam Certification Guide

                                SWITCH Exam Certification Guide


                                I have other two books hardcopy. I think we should also list down the chapters one can read to clear SPNGN1. My e-mail is bhartendum@gmail.com


                                Thanks & Regards


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                                  Another good resource to study for CCNA SP exam are CBT Nuggets by Jeremy Cioara.





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                                    Hi everyone, how are you? I just got my CCNA R$S 200-120 and i am very interested to get the CCNA SP but i can't find any good material to study... So if any of you can help me with that i will appraise it.


                                    Sorry if my english is not to good

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