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    I can not access my router from internet and can not share internet in my office




      I have Cisco 1812W-P integrated model router having 2 WAN Port, 8 L2 ports and 2 wireless node. I am much new in cisco and routing things.


      I want to connect FastEthernet 0 ( with the cable comming from ISP whose Gate way  is and Primary DNS address is  and Secondary DNS addres is


      Now I want to share internet from my 8 L2 ports to my internal PCs with the DHCP enable. Also I want to use the facilaities of wireless network. So laptops of my office can access internet from the wireless network.

      Also I want to access this router from internet by doing ssh or telent from the ip


      After I did few configuration I can only access router by telnet from the  directly connected netowrk. I can not access this router from the internet. also I can not ping out side network from this router.


      I used only follwing command


      Router> enable

      Router# configure terminal

      Router (config)# no ip domain-lookup

      Router (config)# interface fastethernet 0

      Router (config-int)# ip address

      Router (config-int)# no shutdown

      Router (config-int)#exit

      Router (config)# interface fastethernet 1

      Router (config-int)# ip address

      Router (config-int)# no shutdown

      Router (config-int)#exit

      Router (config)# line vty 0 8

      Router (config)# password   ******

      Router (config)#login

      Router (config)# router rip

      Router (config-router)# version 2

      Router (config-router)# network

      Router (config-router)# network


      1) How I can give interent to other laptops and PCs from the  8 L2 port and from wireless

      2) How I can access this router from outside interent by ssh or telent