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    Passed 640-692 Today.  I have some tips.

    Matthew J. Filip

      A quick bit of background on me.  I took the first 3 semesters of CCNA in high school 10 years ago.  I haven't really utilized courses since.  Now I have a job where the cert would be a good thing to have.  So I signed up for the coupon and started the CCTRS course.  I completed module 1 and then got busy at work.  I started overnights last week and during the day I've been binge-studying the course. 


      Here's some tips:


      • Watch the course multiple times!!  You will pick something new out every time!
      • Find, download and print:  ESTQ Fundamentals Study GuideThere's some stuff not in the online course, that's in this guide. It helps fill the gaps.
      • Print out the RSTECH Exam Topics and use it as a study guide after watching the course.
      • Watch the course a few more times with the above print-out as a study guide.


      PRACTICE EXAM:  There is a practice exam. (only for third-party maintainers?)  It's hard as **** to find, but there is one.

      1. goto est.cisco.com
      2. click on "Certification" on the menu
      3. click on "CCT Exam"
      4. under the bid bold header "CCT Routing and Switching Practice Exam" click "Get Started with the CCT Practice Test"


      TIP: Use incognito mode and you can get different questions every time you take a practice exam.


      There are some irregularaties in terms between the course and the test.  On more than 1 occasion a part was called something different; you could tell that they updated the test, but not the course.  Do the reviews many times over and take the practice exam until you get to at least 86% consistently.


      I finished my test in 30 minutes and got an 871.  I thought I was going to be able to review at the end, but I couldn't.  The page went blank and the hourglass came up and my heart stopped, then a messaged popped up saying I passed.  If you're a newbie in the field working on these things, this course is an excellent place to start.