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    Ethechannel modes

    Jose Pablo Monge



      I have a question in regards to etherchannel modes, I do understand the negotiation protocols LACP and PAGP, but I do not get the "ON" mode, what protocol are you establishing?


      For example for PAGP you can bring up the link by setting one end fo Auto and the other one to Desirable, and for LACP one end to Passive and the other one to Active, this will successfully create the channel, using the channel-group x mode [active/Desirable | Auto/Passive] for both negotiation protocols respectively.


      What about the channel-protocol parameter?? I understand that if you set this yo LACP in one side, you wont be select a channel-group mode non-related to this protocol, meaning PASSIVE/ACTIVE.. same as for PAGP using AUTO/DESIRABLE. I do not understand the ON functionality on channel-group and how all these options relate to the channel protocol, it is cloudy to me. Can you please help me understand these with some examples in both ends?? ie what happens if both are set to auto?