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    Desinging Help Required

    Syed Murad Ali

      I need to design my network I shall be thankfull if someone can guide me please....

      My requirements are


      We have 240 nodes... each node should be connected at 1Gbps with access switch and access switch than connect with distribution switch at 10Gbps.

      Can you please suggest access layer switch/distribution switch/SFP fiber modules and any other card/module required.


      Thank You

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          Sergio Jimenez

          Hi Syed! Actually we are designing a Network to 120 Nodes.


          Which services are you planning to offer?



          VPN L2?

          VPN L3?


          Mobile Backhaul?


          Thanks in advance.



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            Syed Murad Ali

            We have over internal database software + ERP + IP Cameras + Voip Fones + Security survilence...

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              Syed Murad Ali

              Thank you Serio for your response... i am new in cisco world that is why i required help

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                Syed Murad Ali

                what i decided  for the distribution switch is below...








                and for the access layer switch is




                Please advice if it works of it required any module etc..

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                  Steve Weltman

                  Syed, Why would you use the 4900M?  Its an okay switch for the cash but there are others.  Personally, I'd use the 4900X if I was you.  Its 1U, 800GBs backplane, runs a very advanced IOS (XE3.x) and will support pretty sigificant scalability whereas the 4900M would be a little less robust.


                  The access layer 2960S is a good switch, however is this for the user access layer or the server access layer?  I just specified those in a bank design.  Stack them (meaning use the switchlink cables and modules) for more capacity.


                  Also, you'll need a VLAN design, an ACL design, a secured Internet interface, and several more pieces such as redundancy if this is for production in any larger scale environment.



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                    Syed Murad Ali

                    Hi Steve,

                    Thank you so much for your response.. Configuration is not an issue for me.. but please advice upon following


                    Which is more expensive switch either 4900M or 4900X ???

                    Does X2-10GB-SR is compatible with SFP-10G-SR?? I mean we must purchase these two things for communication with access layer or we can have something other...


                    Thank you

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                      Hi Syed,


                      X2-10GB-SR and SFP-10G-SR are compatibles (10G-SR). X2 is a Xenpack module but its optical interface is 10G-SR, the same interface that SFP-10G-SR.


                      These interfaces only support 300 m link lenghts with OM3 MM fibre...is it sufficent for your links??


                      About prices..well, I don´t have the 4900x price, but your configuration costs over $60.000 (with 10 X2-10GB-SR) according to Cisco 2013 GPL...


                      If you need more comments, please, don´t hesitate contact with us.


                      Thanks and Regards.



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                        Hi Syed,



                        For acces layer connectivity you can use the WS-C2960S-48FPD-L or  WS-C2960S-24PD-L. These switches are PoE Switches..Each Switch port carry upto 30 W..Depends on End Devices connectivity you can tune the PoE,since you would be connect end devices like IP Phones and IP Cameras.Also Stacking is available in this switches.


                        Performance and Scalability of these access layer switches is


                        Forwarding bandwidth:- 88Gbps

                        Switching bandwidth*:-176 Gbps

                        Maximum active VLANs:-255,

                        Jumbo frame - Ethernet frame:-9216bytes.

                        Forwarding Rate: 64-Byte L3 Packets:-101.2MPPS.

                        MTBF in hours**:-183,498...



                        For Distribution Switch Recommendation is depends on Access Switches Ports Connection to End Devices. 4900M Series  10GB Fiber X2 Switch is the Suiatable requirement.Bt it does support only X2 Ports.Let me know if anything.