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    DNS delegation in packet tracer


      Hello everybody


      I've set up 2 subnets, and 192.168.1 has 2 DNS servers ficken.com and com and 192.168.2 has 1 DNS server saufen.com


      ficken.com and saufen.com both have 2 A-records, one for themselves and one for the com DNS server. The com server has A records for itself and both ficken.com and saufen.com.

      If i try to access saufen.com from a client in the 192.168.1 subnet it doesn't work. How do I have to configure the records, so the ficken.com server goes to the com server if it can't resolve the name. I tried changing the records to .com but that didn't work either. I suspect I have to change the A records to something else, but i don't know what to.


      Can someone configure it correctly for me and give a few remarks on what you changed and why or at least give me a hint. I attached the pka file.