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    GLBP configuration




      I want to configure GLBP to work similar to HSRP. I have two routers: R1 and R2. I want one of them (R1) always to be AVG and AVF. Only when this router fails or track object reports interface serial0/0/0 to be down, the second router should perform as a AVF. In my test environment I have one PC. I wanted to force default gateway via GLBP to be R1 for this PC before it fails.


      How to meet this requirement? I tried the configuration which I have found on the Web:



      glbp 1 ip

      glbp 1 priority 150

      glbp 1 preempt

      glbp 1 weighting 254 lower 10 upper 250

      glbp 1 weighting track 10 decrement 250



      glbp 1 ip

      glbp 1 preempt

      glbp 1 priority 100

      glbp 1 weighting 10


      It works but I do not understand why. It does not have configuration of weighted load balancing but it does use weights?! And still I don't think that all PCs in LAN will use only R1 in that case. Am I right? Also I cannot find out the difference between priority and weight here. Is it priority for determine an AVG and weight for AVF?


      Anyone can explain this configuration (especially parts with weights) and tell how to achieve my assumptions with giving only R1 as a defualt gateway before it fails?