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    Best CCNA/CCNP/CCIE training institute in India?



      I am from India. Can anyone advice me any good institute which imparts all the cisco courses CCNA/CCNP/CCIE?

      Thanks & Regards.

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          I may be late to response, if you have not yet decided, you should check AITA at dumdum. At least they will provide you proper training in real device. But chek it yourself before make any decision.

          As far my suggession I will refer you for self study. Buy some good book, if it is required rent some lab for practice or you may go for several simulator software.

          you yourself is your best trainer ... Internet will help you to overcome from trouble.

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            All or most of these institutes are fraud. They say something before admission and then don't give proper training or even materials.  Now they have made it a franchisee instead of main center.

            I went to adroit academy(AITA) as well,which Mr. Samarjit Dutta referred to here.It is far away in the outskirts of the city of Calcutta,not in proper Calcutta so not very convenient to visit.I cannot comment about whether it is a good or bad institute as I haven't studied there but I think just only having some routers and switches dont guarantee that they impart good training .For that you should have good certified knowledgable faculties who knows the subject matter well and can explain things well to students. Teaching students is something different than having degrees or certs . One can be a bad teacher even after having high qualifications and degrees in the same field.  Also there are qualities of teacher , one should choose the best teacher and he should not get angry when students asks him lot of questions even if that be minor or trivial.

            So I think it is better to do self-study and pass.


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              Hmmm.....I agree with you jobless_ccent.

              Firstly it is true that unless you have reference , it is hard to break into any good job and that includes this field of IT networking.

              2nd , a good or best training institute  are a myth.  There is no as such good institute .

              I think self-study is the best option.

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                It looks like Cisco has two upcomnig locations for CCNA R&S classes in New Delhi and one near Chennai. You can do a check here for any locations in India https://www.netacad.com/web/about-us/academy-locator.

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                  To be honest, If you are looking for a Best Cisco Networking Training institute in Kolkata then go for INetwork Experts, http://inetworkexperts.com


                  Here Trainer is Double CCIE (Routing & Switching and Service Provider), He has 10 years exprience in Networking domain, he also worked in CISCO for long 5 years.


                  This is only Cisco Training Center in Kolkata where you can get Training from CCIE Certified Trainer.

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                    Hello Debasish,

                    Firstly the center inetworkexperts.com is not in proper Kolkata, but it is quite a distance away from Kolkata specially those staying in South Kolkata. 2ndly, i visited the website and it says job guarantee after CCIE but in the placement section says no such thing. It says "no one in Kolkata can give you job guarantee"!!

                    Then who and why will anyone invest in such expensive courses?? Go and visit sites like "networkbulls.com" or "networkershome.com" who are offering 100% job guarantee on stamp paper.

                    And tell your mentor to first open a center in South Kolkata ,rather than outside Kolkata & then you are advertising that the center is located in Kolkata!! This proves how far away the truth is in your claims. Madhyamgram ,the place your mentor has opened up the center is several stations away from proper Kolkata & at most it falls in Greater Kolkata after expansion of Kolkata.

                    I dont understand why a World class 2times CCIE has opened a center so far away from Kolkata!! Is it easier to cheat students there?Madhyamgram is in greater Kolkata ,what about students who stay in south or south-west Kolkata?


                    Best of Luck Debasish in your CCIE pursuit but I am not joining in any further Cisco Courses till I get a job in Networking & also for the above reasons!!

                    Lastly, a question as well as a humble request.Why dont Cisco open its own training center for CCNP and CCIE in proper Kolkata rather than in other metros like Delhi or Mumbai?

                    And requesting Cisco to please open a Cisco's own center in Kolkata for training higher up than CCNA. Unfortunately ,Webel ( A Cisco partner near Minto Park,Kolkata) is a bogus center with no job assurances and it doesn't teach higher than CCNA.


                    With Regards

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                      Hello B1Tmaps,


                      First of all, i am not founder of INetwork Experts, I am a simple CCIE student of INetwork. I know all Institute in Kolkata, no one has CCIE Certified Trainer. I have given my feedback as a satisfied student to Learner. I think you know everything about "Networkerhome" and "Networkbulls" and laso they are giving 100% Job Guarantee on Stamp Paper,


                      I am giving you 10 day's time, post here 10 student's Stamp Paper signed scan copy. I have many friends studied in Networkerhomes, also i have visited once, i know very well about them.


                      Don't tell anything based on your assumption, also i believe your home is not in-front of Networkerhome or Networkbulls, right. Far is not too far now a days. People look for good education.


                      What type of people are learning CCIE Technology? those who are not knowing about it, so a good Trainer will not confuse them using so many Router - Switch in the Topology.


                      Address of INetwork - Madhyamgram, Kolkata - 700130, not too far from South Kolkata, about 45 min, and 15 min from Kolkata Airport.


                      Finaly, why will i depend on Institute for Job, i am only dependable for learning CCIE. If i can learn things better i can get job anywher in the world.


                      Think buddy... Correct me if i am wrong. You dont know about my Trainer, don't tell anything wrong without knowing person. Being a Double CCIE it's not a joke. He also cleared written in CCIE Data Center. We are trying for a single CCIE :-),

                      Also he has 5 years Core level working Exprience from CISCO, Bangalore.


                      INetwork Experts newly opened in Madhyamgram, Kolkata, Just 2 months back. more than 20 CCIE Students in kolkata. Really best Cisco Networking Institute in Kolkata. Everyting is showing in Practical with log analysis. It makes our concept clear.



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                        Hello Debasish,

                        I dont know anyone in networkbulls or networkers home & neither I am NOT advocating/advertising for them,in fact they denied me job guarantee based on a certain specific criteria. As I said I am not interested in any further investment unless I get a proper job in Networking in a good company. So question of doing CCIE doesnt  arise. I am saying about stamp papers because such fake institutes often encourage people to take admission based on such things. Stamp paper is just my imgination becuase I have seen such institutes. What I meant is that ,if i have to travel to Madhyamgram to do a costly CCIE course ,then why not take the risk & go to Delhi/Bangalore/Mumbai/Hyderabad to do such courses where at least they are speaking of job guarantee and infrastructure as seen on their website is really good. I know ultiamtely those institutes are also lying . Most people seems to be getting job by reference or backdoor. In my  case I am not getting any reference or jack which is why I am facing so much trouble,I dont believe that knowledge matters,its a myth,how can an inexperieced man have the practical knowledge unless he has worked some time in that field & everyone has to start at some time or other.

                        But anyways that just a casual remark from me. As I said I felt cheated when companies like ATOS /BT /Cognizant etc etc to name only a few who are taking candidates young but I know that it is a complete lie. They are taking older guys and gals as well as people who neither have CCNA ceritificate ,instead they are doing courses in local cheap centers in packet tracers (who dont have a single router or switch & dont even use the new GNS3 ,lol) Its shocking how such candidates are getting jobs in such big companies with neither qualification nor experience nor any certificate or even basic networking knowledge ,that too in networking field!!

                        That is enough to discourage me to pursue any futher.

                        Thanks & Regards


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                          Hello B1Tmaps,

                          I am going to kolkata now and thinking of taking CCIE R & S from "inetworkexperts"..Till now what  I have got as follows:



                          1. I called the trainer for inetworkexperts and searched about him also on internet. Found on Linkedin he has profile for DUAL CCIE(with CCIE licence number) which seems good and as well as on fb i saw his post for passing DUAL CCIE... I asked him about trainers and came to know 2 trainers among which I remember only one name and searched again on Linkedin and he is also DUAL CCIE and worked with Cisco for several years now he is at Gurgaon. Seems pretty good upto here...



                          But when i ask about hands on lab to him it seems Rack on rental he can not give to us now..


                          He is arranging for 3560 switches which he will integrate with Cisco VIRL probably(as I assumed) and will give the Rackon rental later..



                          I am not quite convinced with hands on LAB for CCIE R&S how it will be setup and how we can use it? Can you please enlight me on that field please...



                          Trainer seems good and knowledgeable to me

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                            Hi B1Tmaps,


                            I understand your point of concern from the core, having experienced similar patches first hand.To brief if it a bit, a complete Electronics & Communication engineering run failed to make me confident that I can secure myself a dignified position in some MNCs you have mentioned.I had to start the journey as a technical support advisor which was enough for me to stop dreaming about big shots in the technology domain.Got promised by institutes and persons about jobs, and felt insulted to remind them about those promises, failing to get any chance.But having a teenage affair with the communication technology,continued to study in day time while working in continuous night shifts.left job,kept studying, had to live a penniless life but smashed harder in every other interview.And you know knowledge prevailed...currently designing networks for one of the leading Global ISPs for their worlwide Enterprise clients, and to be honest I don't see people with less job experince than me around myself.



                            About job guarrantees, one should not believe in them, cause their is no such guarantee. If someone is kind enough to come to this land leaving a secure and cool Life and workstyle of CISCO, just to spread the knowledge, there should also be people here to embrace that.And having the passion, distance and risks does matter less, if there is food for thought and constant challanges for our present knowledge.Things fall in place and discriminations start looking very Weak.All the very best to iNetwork Experts for their noble approach to setup something this big in a comparably small Networking environment of Kolkata and Happy Journey to you thriving for knowledge with many of us!!


                            Moreover, I BEG to DIFFER as:

                            1) Living in this age, when organisations are Building DCs in the caves of icy mountains, and network proffessionals living and working there far from the society, one can not be held back at "SOUTH KOLKATA" or "NORTH KOLKATA" just for their homely convenience, while searching for valuable things like these advanced technologies.

                            2) I am free to travel anywhere to aquire substantial technical expertise, but will seriously consider a couple of things like:- a) whether it's value for money or not and b) whether it offers a balance to my current worklife or not.

                            3) Learning technology can be very interesting and efficient by self-study, but highly designed carriculam such as CCIE combined with the Lab Exams requires guidance from Proffessionals.Having the chance I will rely on a mentor who is familiar with the environment inside the LAB.

                            4) As an investment proposition CCIE is staggering, burning holes in our pocket. But networking giants like CISCO have spent billions developing these technologies, the knowledge of which is shared by only 45k odd CCIEs, in number which is much less than the population of south Kolkata or Madhyamgram, I believe.

                            5) Backdoors and references may be There. But if the interviewer's proffessional expertise get rattled by the solution provided by the interviewee on the table- be assured people sitting up there, then will not want to let someone go and look for another organisation and will make sure that he/she leaves the room with their head high up on the shoulders.

                            Thanks and Regrads..

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                              Hi Avicis,


                              You are absolutely correct. Even I am also a CCIE students in INetworks Expert and I am fully satisfied. I will suggest you to follow INetwork's Group on Facebook.


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                                Most institutions are fraud because they say something and make many promises before admission but after admission then don't give proper training or study materials and so on as they promised. In spite of I would recommend some good CCNA training institute in India like Networks Era and Network *****. You can search these institutes on Google.

                                I personally recommend Networks Era because I completed my CCNA training from here and they fulfill all the promises they said before admission. They have well equipped lab, they provide ccna, ccnp ccie hand books freely as they promised, no limitation for practical on routers, switches, ip phones and most important thing is all faculties are MNC's exp. They allow maximum 10 students in a single batch. U know guys I asked them why you don't take admission over 10 students in a single batch. They said we believe in quality training not quantity training.
                                So before to join a cisco ccie training institute you must personally visit in institute and check all the things.

                                Good luck!

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                                  Rajesh Kumar

                                  Hi Dear

                                  netlabsits.com Best CCNA training institute in Delhi India

                                  Its help companies improve their performance through precision customized networking solutions and to produce industry – ready networking professionals at par with the best – in – the industry.

                                  By performance we mean being able to do things better and faster – faster decision making, faster communication, faster service to customers, reduced costs and improved profits. All the things that we believe networking should deliver. We believe that if technology does not improve performance – it is not needed.

                                  Our second mission is to produce world-class networking professionals. Industry-ready professionals. Ready to serve anywhere in the world – professionals who are as comfortable working in Delhi.

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                                    If your are self driven or can learn by yourself, Cisco Premium is a good way to learn and advance to your certification goals at a lowest price.

                                    Good Luke.

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