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    A CCNA "Refresher"?



      Hello, folks. Have a quick question or two. I got my CCNA back in 2007 (before they were split up), and shortly after that, I was asked at work to manage the Microsoft servers and desktops as my primary role. So, a lot of the CCNA info in my head was "pushed aside" for other things!



      Now since things are "rough" here at work because of the economy, I want to go back on the Cisco route just in case I end up in the unemployment line. So...



      If I start fresh with the CCNP route, is that automatically going to be my CCNA refresher course, or do you recommend that I go over a CCNA "Crash Course" book first? If you recommend the crash course, what books (or DVD's) specifically would you suggest? Any positive feeback is appreciated. Thanks.






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          I think the information you learned would definately still be valid. If anything grab a router and switch and see what you can do on them. If you have to stop and think 'what do I do now?' then I would go back and read the certification libraries to get more familiar with the information. The CCNP route will definately refresh on the information in the CCNAs. You'll be expected to know that stuff in the course information. The books I bought, the CCNP library, went over the information pretty much in the CCNA. So I think if you do the CCNP course next you'll be fine.

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            Thank you, Rickey. Since you know my situation, is there a particular order that I should attempt the exams or do I have to take them in a certain order?






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              Well, I would go with your strong points first. I took ISCW then BCMSN then ONT and I have BSCI last next week. I don't get my hands on routers that often, and if I do something bad has happened. So routing tables and things like that aren't easy to get practice on. I have a few routers at my new job I can play with so that's a good thing. So, if you have the CCNP certification library go through some of those beginning section quizzes and see where you can skip and take the test after some hands on practice. That's my suggestion. I bought the CBT nuggets and testout simulator.