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    How long it takes to pass CCNA?


      Someone in this site is writing that CCNA is heard to pass & it may take 2 years time.

      Here is one Chris Miller who is saying about his frustrations & Ishud i  beleive him?



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          Also I dont have BTech or Computer Science background.I am non-technical graduate .I have no engineering or MCA degree.Is it right to pursue CCNA at his age for job or career?

          Is it possible to make a career in networking  at this age?How long will it take to get a decent job at this age?

          Please tell me ,I have other options like pursuing a sales career in phamraceutical industry or in finance sector.

          I am very confused friends.

          I request the seniors to give thier honest view on my position and life.

          Please help me.

          I will be indebted rest of my life.

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            Hello, Prosenjit

            I passed my CCNA last week.  I will be honest with you and tell you that it took me a year to prepare and pass this exam.   Like you, I had no network background.  Though I had been a software engineer for over ten years, the programming knowledge did not transfer well to a course of network engineering.  Another circumstance that affected me is that I, as a US citizen, have been living as an expatriate in Germany, and working full-time at a Unix systems engineering job. 


            However, I did manage to learn what I needed to and took the exam in two parts.  The first one, ICND1, I passed in March 2012.  The second one, ICND2, I passed on November 5th.


            Your situation may be very different, so please do not be discouraged.  I hope that your circumstances allow you to study thoroughly, because there is no way around taking the time and effort to learn many, many concepts.


            My first method was to read various books on Cisco networking.  The books written specifically for the exams tend to be the best; look for authors such as Wendell Odom, Todd Lammle, and Jeremy Cioara, to name a few.


            I say first method because this is the best way to introduce new material for ME.  For you, it might be different, so please be aware that there are other ways to get that first glimpse at new concepts!  There are great introductory-level videos available for free on youtube.  A lot of really decent teachers are willing to share their knowledge.  (There is also intermediate-level and advanced-level tutorials available, too.)


            Another good video series that is not too expensive is available at itDVDs.com.  I got EXCELLENT lessons from their CCENT training series.  I HIGHLY recommend them.


            Of course, one VERY important thing to do is to get hands-on training by either getting access to some routers, switches, etc, OR by getting a good simulator.  This is so important, which I am sure you already knew.  It helped me out IMMENSELY to use the network simulator at certexams. com.  It is very reasonably priced, and you are given a very useful router and switch simulator, plus a lab manual of labs to practice all the tasks you would need to accomplish on the CCNA exam.


            I hope you will not be discouraged by the amount of knowledge you'll need to acquire...it is so NOT a waste.   Even if you are very young and do not have a lot of money right now to get an education, there are other ways to learn on your own.  There are people MUCH smarter than I am who have published reference and training material that they offer for free on this site. 


            Just understand that there is simply a lot of information to learn, but you can do it if you want to.  It is priceless to have such good knowledge, though.


            Be encouraged!



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              Thanks Holly,

              But please tell me whether it wud be wise to try networking career now?Can I get a job in a MNC at this age as a fresher?

              How much cn I earn after CCNA certification?

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                Hello, prosenjit,


                I am sorry, but I could not advise you on that one....I hope someone else can help?  I will post again if I find out anything...



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                  Sorry Holly,

                  I forgot to wish you.

                  Conrats for your success.

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                    Chris Miller

                    Hello Prosenjit, here are my feelings about the CCNA.


                    I'm going over four years trying to knock this cert out.  I've had no success.  Zero. None.  Zilch.


                    To Cisco's credit, I'm sure they don't want to crank out any dummies with the CCNA letters behind their names.


                    HOWEVER, I'm not so sure that alot of the resources out there can really prepare you for the CCNA.  I have college education and IT certs under my belt along with a number of CCNA resources to study with, yet I haven't made a dent.


                    A big complaint that I have is that the Odom's CCNA books are too top heavy in theory and when I take the Boson simulated exams, I fail and fail.  Why?  Because all I know is the theory, a bunch of information, and can't apply it.  I also have Chris Bryant's CCNA Training DVDs, and while he does a great job, its too basic.  I feel he is just skimming the surface on a subject that can be very complex and difficult. 

                    I don't have knowledge and that is what I'm needing.  I'm sick of phone/call center work.  That was why I was trying to get my CCNA, trying to get out of all these call center/phone desk jobs that are dead end jobs, that only required a heartbeat, not a brain to do.


                    So, sure CCNA can be done.  However, its about getting the best resources to study from and turning the information into knowledge to get that CCNA, so you can get a better paying job that is more interesting then dead-end help desk/call center ****.

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                      Passing CCNA – option 1: 2 exams

                      If you have little or no experience in (Cisco) networking and have never operated the prompt of a Cisco IOS switch or router choosing this option is the wisest choice. In that case you can choose option 1. You will take 2 exam.

                      17th May 2016 – UPDATE: the ICND1 and ICND2 exams have been revised.

                      Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 (ICND1) | 100-105 ICND1
                      Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 2 (ICND2) | 200-105 ICND2

                      The 2 courses are well matched: the second course offers both the broadening and deepening of the first course.

                      After the passing of the second exam you have obtained the CCNA certification and are allowed to call yourself CCNA Routing & Switching certified.

                      Passing CCNA – option 2: 1 exam

                      If you have more proficiency in (Cisco) networking, and are in the possession of general network knowledge like IP networking and subnetting, and have expertise in general tools like SSH and Telnet. In that case you can choose option 2. You will take 1 exam.

                      17th May 2016 – UPDATE: the CCNA exam has been revised.

                      Cisco Certified Network Associate v3.0 | 200-125 CCNA

                      After the passing of the exam you have obtained the CCNA certification and are allowed to call yourself CCNA Routing & Switching certified.

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                        Thank You for the helpful content.