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    Adding VLans to Cisco Switch




      Please help!!


      Currently I have a Switch stack which consists of 3 x 3750 Cisco Switches.


      I need to create another vlan and connect it to a Cisco 300SG switch, All vlans currently work, however i must be missing something with this configuration.


      Switch Stack IP -

      Switch Port (Trunked) Fa0/6


      300Sg Switch

      IP -

      I need to however create a new vlan with an IP range 10.120.1.*   i need to allow for 22 Hosts, so was thinking about using (is this correct)


      both sides are trunked, vlans are showing at both ends, can ping other areas in the network from the 300 SG switch and stack.


      Just cant seem to get the host to connect



      IP -




      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated


      thank you