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    Packet Tracer 6?


      Does anyone know when Packet Tracer 6 will be out?  I see a few people have the beta.



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          Anthony Sequeira, CCIE,VCP

          Looks like an official word on that from Cisco is not being spoken:




          Anthony Sequeira


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            Hi Anthony,


            I was doing some searching as I am toying with commecting PacketTracer and GNS3 togahter via  connection to a 3750 and running a CUCM in a VM on a another box as a lab (what a mess, right... lol)  and read that I would be able to ... well do more with ver. 6:



            Packet Tracer 6.0 (beta)

            Packet Tracer 6.0 beta is now available. This beta version introduces new features as HSRP for IPv4 and IPv6, IPv6 DHCP, IPv6 tunnel over IPv4, IPv6 DHCP binding, Send command for routers, ACL sequence numbers.

            General Improvements in Packet Tracer 6.0:

            • Supports current LTS version of Ubuntu and stopped support for Fedora
            • IOS 15
            • HWIC-2T and HWIC-8A modules
            • CAB-HD8-ASYNC cable
            • IPv6 in IP Configuration under Desktop
            • Terminal server for routers
            • PC Firewall for IPv4 and IPv6
            • Servers with 2 NICs
            • Circling tool
            • Improvements to Activity Wizard and Variable Manager

            New Devices (routers) :

            • Cisco 1941
            • Cisco 2901
            • Cisco 2911




            Hope all is well, look forward to running into you again in the near future.



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              Chandan Singh Takuli

              Hi ALL,


              As of now, Packet atrcer 6 is available to download now through cisco netspace but only for academy instructors. access to students for dowloading it, will be provided later on as per cisco.

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                Any dates when it'll be available for the students.

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                  Chandan Singh Takuli

                  Hi Pabin


                  no info till now. just a note, it will be made available to students at a later date.

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                    PT 6.0.1 seems to be out.


                    Packet Tracer now models these new or improved features: HSRP for IPv4 and IPv6, IPv6 DHCP, IPv6 tunnel over IPv4, IPv6 DHCP binding, Send command for routers, ACL sequence numbers.


                    what is "Circling tool" ?

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                      "I am toying with commecting PacketTracer and GNS3 togahter via  connection to a 3750"


                      .....man can you please explain is it possible to connect  PT 6 to GNS3 ??

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                        Chandan Singh Takuli

                        Hi Martin


                        I think drawing palette is also knwon as circling tool now.


                        found this in help:


                        In the activity wizard circling tool, how come some shapes do not grade correctly?This is usually a configuration error on the shape. A common issue happens when a user creates two shape tests intended to be different, but one shape test is wholly a subset of another shape test. e.g., shape test 0 only includes router1, and shape test 1 includes router1, router2, and router3. In this situation, the evaluation can fail to accurately grade the intended circle. When a user circles router1 with shape A, and router1 2 and 3 with shape B, the system may end up choosing shape B for shape test 0 (with only router1), and once a shape has been used, it is not used again for another shape. That leaves shape B for the answer to shape test 1 (router 1 2 and 3). So in this scenario, shape test 1 will only receive 1 of 3 correct, and shape test 0 receives 1 of 1 correct. To mitigate such a scenario, be sure that two different shape tests can be differentiated from one another either with inclusion or exclusion points that are in one shape test but not the other. In short, make sure one shape test is not wholly a subset of another shape test.
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                          Hi Chandan,


                          Thanks for the link.

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                            i don't think u can connect PT to real device or gns3 to exchange traffic;

                            you can connect PT to another PT.

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                              There is a 2901 and 2911 (I guess they didn't try the 1941) model routers added; will need to enter the following to enable Telephony servers (when they release it to the students):




                              Router#conf t


                              Router(config)#license boot module c2900 technology-package uck9 (or you can choose secrityk9)




                              So I’ve been told…



                              I have not connected PacketTracer to it self nor have I tried, I will this coming wekend as I have the time set aside for it. I have not been advised of many other changes other that the ones listed  up a bit. I know there is a lot that can be done with GNS3 and a real switch and connecting to other real devices/gear. It is all fun to play and and it's even more fun when you get paid to do it.









                              Message was edited by: JC.Bogard ( Cause I type to fast for my own good). Can't wait to get my hands on it.

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                                OK  - I laid my Hands on my hands on Packet Tracer 6.01 - noted that there a are some neat things you can do with the little bit of time I have been able to play with it. I am hoping to add security features and build out a multi site design with as many of the features as possible including VoIP and Security along with NTP, HRSP etc ...  a lot of Two_of_a_Kind.pngwhat may seen basic are still things that are tested on at the CCIE level. With that being said even though it may seen to be something trivial, it it doesn't work - you don't pass / the customer is  not happy ... etc.


                                I read where it does not appear that Packet Tracer can not be connected to GNS3 via a switch. I had planned to test that and have not been able to get to that as of yet. It would be really neat to connect them and build out something a little heavier. With work it is hard to get the time to "play" / experiment  when your doing the real deal. It often appears that in a lab you could almost be limitless if you either have the a big enough budget or the right software(s) and a little bit of hardware.


                                Looking forward to getting back into the being more active here,



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                                  PT  6.01 is available at this time for Alumni, and most likely students as well.



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