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    My backup Default Route not work on cisco asa 5505

    Erind Osmani

      I have my asa 5505 connected to the outside interface to the main ISP Router (as in picture), and it has primary route to the IP of ISP Router.

      i've setup also another DLINK router that is connected to WAN port to ISP Router and to LAN with CIsco ASA 5505 to port 7.


      even i've made the primary default route to ISP router on my cisco asa 5505, and secondary to the DLINK router, if the outside interface link of asa is failed, the routes did not pass through DLINK router.


      So the PC failt to have internet access, but when i could succefully ping from cisco asa to internet from cli or asdm.
      Where is the problem?

      to the gateway of PC?

      thank youasa.jpg