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    Help with BGP Redistribution, Unable to ping redistributed BGP route



      Hi all,


      I tried several times to recreate a topology that is used by CBT Nuggets in the BSCI BGP series where subnets are redistributed into IBGP. I am able to see the redistributed routes in the BGP table on all IBGP routers and they are all marked as both valid and best routes, but I still do not have end to end connectivity. I also have the BGP router that is advertising the BGP routes into IBGP configured with the next-hop-self command and I am using IOS ver 12.4(13b) so synchronization is disabled by default and I am using ospf as my IGP.


      Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated, I do not want to continue until I understand why I am unable to reach the redistributed route.


      I have attached the topology diagram.






      Thank you all.






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