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    LAN Base vs IP Base

    Steven Williams

      Well I am glad that Cisco has made IOS easier to understand. So it looks like LAN base on a layer 3 switch will only allow static routing, so no routing protocols. So would it be safe to say that all other layer 3 features are there? Like SVI's?





      LAN Base License: Cisco Catalyst 2960, 2960-S, 3560-X, and 3750-X Series Switches

      LAN Base is a powerful license for layer 2 access switches. Its broad range of access features covers all LAN Lite capabilities plus more robust features such as VTPv3 and FlexLinks. VTP version 3 offers better administrative control over VLAN topology information sharing to reduce unintended or disruptive changes. It also adds more VLAN environment support including expanded ISL VLAN support range. FlexLinks increase Layer 2 resiliency by adding a pair of fast converging active and backup links between access and distribution switches. LAN Base allows layer 3 routing by adding static routing support. Many strong security capabilities are added in LAN Base, too. Examples include Flexible Authentication, Radius Change of Authorization and advanced 802.1X features. On the management side, a long list of capabilities becomes available in LAN Base including a wider range of MIBs, Ingress policing, Trust Boundary, AutoQoS, and DSCP mapping.

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          If you mean can you have multiple SVIs on a Lab base licnese, the answer is yes.  Depending on the switch, I will sometimes go with ip base license, simply because they still don't cost anything and will give me routing features that I may use in the future.  I have never got ip base on 2960's, just 3560's and 3750's.

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            Steven Williams

            IP BASE doesnt cost anything more than LAN BASE? That seems odd. IP BASE wouldn't even do anything with a 2960 thus the layer 2 limitation.

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              As I understand it, LAN Base contains the most basic L2 features, IP Base contains L2 features including basic routing (static routes, eigrp stub etc) and IP Services is the full enterprise feature set.  This Cisco blog explains it in better detail.  The release notes on the version you plan to use are also another great resource.



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                Q. What are the advantages of Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches with the LAN Base software relative to Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches with the LAN Lite software?

                A. Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Base switches deliver intelligent services for branch offices and wiring closets. The LAN Base IOS software supports enhanced Layer 2+ security, quality of service (QoS), availability, and scalable management to enable new converged applications. Catalyst 2960 LAN Base switches include both 10/100 Fast Ethernet and 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in 8-, 24-, and 48-port configurations.

                Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Lite switches are for entry-level branch office and wiring closet networks. They simplify the migration from nonintelligent hubs and unmanaged switches to a fully scalable and reliable network. The LAN Lite IOS software supports standard Layer 2 security, QoS, and availability while lowering the network total cost of ownership. Catalyst 2960 LAN Lite switches deliver 10/100 Fast Ethernet connectivity in 24- and 48-port configurations.

                All Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches have technical support service options available through Cisco SMARTNet® service. All come with a Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty, and LAN Base and LAN Lite software updates are provided at no additional cost.