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    CCIE written renewal


      Hi guys ,


      i had given CCIE written in R&S in August 2011 , Since it has 18 month validity can i renew that CCIE written by giving another track CCIE written like security

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          Paul Stewart  -  CCIE Security

          The CCIE Written is not technically a certification, but the qualification to take the exam. I don't think the CCIE R&S Written would be renewed by taking the CCIE Security Written. I think if you take the CCIE Security Written, you would have the right to take the CCIE Security LAB. I guess I'd question why you would study for the CCIE Security Written if you are still wanting to take the CCIE R&S Lab (which is what you gain by having the CCIE R&S Written). I don't know if the answer to your question specifically exists anywhere, but I think the key is that this is not a certification. Therefore, there is nothing to renew.


          With all of that being said, a CCIE R&S (i.e. you have passed the lab) would be renewed by taking the CCIE Security Written (or any other CCIE Written exam). HTH.

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            Rigo - Community Moderator

            Hi Mahesh,


            Paul is correct.


            You cannot extend the validity of a CCIE Written exam by passing a CCIE Written exam of a different track. So passing the CCIE Security Written exam will not extend the validity of your CCIE R&S Written exam. However, passing a CCIE Written exam can qualify to recertify any valid CCIE Certifications or valid lower level certifications that you may have.


            If you passed the CCIE R&S Written exam and do not attempt a CCIE Lab exam within 18 months of passing the written exam, then your CCIE R&S Written exam will expire.


            Candidates can extend the validity of their CCIE Written exam if they attempt a CCIE lab exam within 18 months of passing their CCIE Written exam. If you do not pass, then you must re-attempt the lab exam again within 12 months of your last scored attempt. The CCIE Written exam can stay valid for up to 3 years as long as you attempt the lab every 12 months.




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              Thanks for your clarification on this, Rigo.


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                Hi ppl, just to clarify my doubt.

                i took my written on jan 2012 but had not attempted the lab since.
                i'm seeing my CCNP cert expiry date as Jan 2015.
                If i'm not taking the lab at this point, can i still retain my CCNP cert if i re-take IE written before Jan 2015?



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                  Yes. The CCIE Written exam will extend your CCNP Certification for 3 years.

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                    Rigo - Community Moderator

                    Hi Don,


                    DelVonte is correct. One available option to recertify, would be to take and pass any current CCIE Written exam by or before your CCNP Certification expiration date. For additional recertification options and information, visit the CCNP Recertification page.


                    As an FYI, users looking to retake passed or failed exams should familiarize themselves with the Exam Retake Policy.




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                      Elvis Chong

                      If you're not planning to go for CCIE lab exam? Why don't you consider go for any other CCNP track's certificate? Any papers in 642-XXX able to retain your existing CCNP certificate for another 3 years and also moving you closer to obtain another additional CCNP certs? Just my 2 cents

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                        eddy WGP

                        CCIE written is not a qualification. You do not get recognized for it, you do not get a singe written staement of completion for that. It's just a pre-entry exam for CCIE lab exam or an exam to renew other CCNA-NP-IE qualifications.

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