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    Zone-Policy Firewall - too different from CBAC for me! HELP!






      I use SDM primarily to configure our CISCO routers, but we also have SmartNet's in place for the difficult CLI stuff.

      We've just replaced our aging main router (1721) with a 2811. Its all configured, but the firewall is no longer something I'm confortable with.

      The old router used the traditional CBAV firewall, and I was happy with it, very straightforward to use.



      The new router however is completely different, the interface and the way you configure basic rules.



      Is there any specific training and/or documentation on this subject? As an un-trained, CISCO novice, I am finding configuring our router with the same access restrictions as our last one a nightmare!



      Anyone recommend a training course or learning resource?



      Many Thanks



      Alan Thompson