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    Pearson Vue Testing Problems

    David Oresky

      I took the switch test last week and failed because I was not given enough time to complete the test.  The test was interupted when the test center lost its internet connection for about 15 minutes.  When the connection came back, I was led back into the testing room and told the test would start exactly where I left off.


      The test timer started where I left off, however the actual test went back to a point about 30 minutes prior to where I had left off.  I lost 30 minutes of the time allowed for the test.  The proctor told me to put in an incident report with Pearson Vue if I were to fail the test because of the lost time.


      I called Pearson Vue to open an incident report immediately after I failed the test.  Pearson told me that I was not allowed, as a test taker, to enter an incident report and that it was the proctor's responsibility.  Pearson reluctantly agreed to create an incident report and said that they would contact the proctor and if what I said was true I would get a voucher to retake the test.


      When I followed up with Pearson on the following Monday, customer service said that nothing has been done as yet but the incident report was scheduled to be complete by Friday (today) and that I would get a call before Friday with the results of the report.  I got no such call - so I called today and Pearson had said no action has been taken on the incident; the report contains nothing except my initial complaint and that the proctor has not even been contacted.


      I just wanted to warn anyone taking a certification test that if there are any problems with the test, to make sure the proctor files an incident report.  Do not leave the test center without an incident report number.  Also be sure to pay for the test with a credit card so if there is a problem with the test and the provider refuses to do anything, you can dispute the charges with the credit card company.


      PS - I did contact Cisco and while they did say I should be given a chance to retake the exam since I did not have the required time to complete the test.  They said it was up to Pearson Vue to issue the voucher and that Cisco had no control over that.



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          I had the same problem when i wrote CCNA. The computer which i used crashed, and it took local staff over 20 min to fix it. I ran out of time.


          2nd time the same happened, and i refused to continue. During the week i complained to the boss of the testing center, and got the refund for the 2nd test and i got a voucher for next attempt.


          Even on 3rd attempt one of the sims crashed, but it took only 5 min to fix it.

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            You are allowed to and should make a complaint BEFORE you leave the test centre. I also had an issue in Canada and they told me i could not make a complaint at the test centre, this is not true, i complained to Cisco and the next time i took a test this test centre was not on the list anymore. I eventually got a voucher from Cisco.






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              David Oresky

              Thanks, looks like I am not alone in experiencing test problems.


              John, whom did you talk to at Cisco to get a voucher?

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                It was just a ticket i created via my Cisco login. After checking everything which took a couple of weeks i got a voucher.






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                  Made me smile. Just to share...


                  One Friday morning, I once was working on MCSE, in South Africa (cheap study). I sat down to sit the XP exam 70-270 (you have to sit an OS exam with MCSE). Within 5 mins or so, the power in Cape Town went out. Everywhere. And no UPS on the test center computers.


                  I waited for about 45mins, before they cancelled the test. They offered to reschedule the test at no cost, and were very apologetic, but alas I got a new networking job confirmation on the Friday night, which was in California, starting Wed, and I needed to go back to the UK first, to collect & drop off some things (was in SA for over 5 months). So therefore I couldn't accpet the new offer of a test.


                  I got a test print-out for something like 7%, or 27%, I don't recall now.


                  When I got to CA, my hotel was right in the heart of the Cisco HQ buildings (Milpitas), trippy, I thought.


                  Some months later, Microsoft wrote to me, out the blue, and offered me a free retest, saying don't be put off etc, you can succed at MS study. I smiled, booked it in the UK, and aced it. Same place I first passed my CCNA...


                  And it looks like I could have some fun again. Will sit CCNP route here in Phuket in the not-too-distant future. I hope they are more understanding of this sort of event than I have read about here...



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                    Every single Cisco test I have taken with Pearson Vue has had technical problems.

                    The first time I did my CCNP - Route, I was there for 8 hours while they were trying to fix it, but they never did.


                    I just tried my T-Shoot to renew all my Cisco certs today, 30 June 2015.  I have till 10 July...

                    One of the sims, not a single command would work on any of the routers, I got the proctor immediately (as I have been through this so many times).  The lady went to get another guy, he came in and looked at it but refused to call Pearson and just told me to complete the test and he would put in an incident report.


                    That wasted about 20 minutes of test time, and I couldn't finish.

                    I came out from the testing room and asked him again to call Pearson to have them start the test over right then. (I didn't want to study more and I already took the day off work)

                    He calls them and says "I have a guy who completed the test, but now wants to go back to a question and start from there".  They of course told him that's not possible.  I called Pearson at home, the dude took my version of what happened, and told me what the proctor had said, and he completely omitted the fact that I asked him for help mid test.


                    So now I have a fail.  I have to wait till 6 July to try again (which doesn't give me another chance if I actually fail) and Pearson said it will take 5 days to investigate the incident anyway.  If I don't get a refund and or somehow fail the test on 6 July, I think I am done with Cisco.  I have paid thousands of dollars in testing fees over the years and have never had a test without an issue... Just tired of it messing up my life.


                    I have to study more over the holiday weekend and miss more time from work???

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                      Rigo - Community Moderator

                      Hi ClesterS,


                      We strongly suggest that you open a case with the Certification & Communities Online Support team to submit feedback regarding your exam issues/experience. The support team will be able to review and investigate for you further. To open a case, visit www.cisco.com/go/certsupport




                      Cisco Learning Network Moderator

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                        I have, they opened a ticket for it, but also told me that it takes 7-10 days to research.  It's no help to my effort of testing on Friday, but I hope that if I fail 6 July, they will push my expiration date back 6 days.