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      Chuck Norris I mean Scott Morris jokes!






      This is a thread to post (funny but not derogatory) Scott Morris jokes not unlike the Check Norris or Bruce Schneier jokes out there! Have Fun! I will get it started! (As if you are not legend enough huh Scott.. LoL)






      M. Cisco implemented the "test crash" hidden IOS command because it was otherwise impossible to break a router that Scott Morris had worked on!


      O. There are no hidden IOS commands. Only those Scott Morris chooses not to look at!


      R. RIPv1 will act as a Link-State Routing Protocol but only if Scott Morris tells it to!


      R. The world is moving from IPv4 and going straight to IPv6 because Scott Morris doesn't like the number 5!


      I. It has been speculated that there is an indefinite number of ports; however, only Scott Morris can see ports 65537 and higher!


      S. Scott Morris was the Neo Stunt Double in the Matrix!






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