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    Re: A collection of GNS3 CCNP-X Labs

    jean-christophe - CCDP

                GNS3 Labs for CCNP-X and CCDP

      BGP Conf.jpg

      Transit AS with eBGP and iBGP partial mesh.JPG

      PVST+  GLBP.jpg

      Redistribution, Filtering, PBR & SLA.jpg

      IPv6 Routing Protocols -- EIGRPv6, OSPFv3 and RIPng.JPG


      Those and many more are available here and here. Updated on 02/06/2015.

      Let me know if you experience any issue downloading them.


      The README file and some other screenshots are available.

      The conversion tool used in GNS3 1+ to load labs made for GNS3 0.8.x (*.net) has been improved, but there might be some glitches left.


      If you have enough CPU horsepower and RAM under the hood, it is possible to enhance your GNS3 experience with:


      All the labs with ASA/ASDM, CSR 1000V and IOSv VMs have already been converted to the latest format.

      I also studied the impact of KVM on the CPU performance of the VMs: "Performance Enhancements with KVM on GNS3/Linux"

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