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    A collection of GNS3 CCNP-X Labs

    jean-christophe manciot - CCDP

                GNS3 Labs for CCNP-X and CCDP



      BGP Conf.jpg

      Transit AS with eBGP and iBGP partial mesh.JPG

      PVST+  GLBP.jpg

      Redistribution, Filtering, PBR & SLA.jpg

      IPv6 Routing Protocols -- EIGRPv6, OSPFv3 and RIPng.JPG


      Those and many more are available now as an open source git project on GitLab.


      • The README.pdf contains all necessary information about how to use these labs.
      • Some more screenshots are available here.
      • Some new labs for CCNP TSHOOT v2 have been added.
      • you can download a zip copy of the folders which interest you or
      • you can clone the whole labs to a local folder: <git clone URL [. | directory]> where the URL can be found beside the HTTPS/SSH list box.
      • if you need some information on git about how to get started, the Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub, is available for free here.
      • if you need more RAM/vCPUs resources, you can install GNS3 server on a remote bare-metal or VM server in a public cloud such as packet.net with this secure script.
      • It is possible to submit a Merge Request (=GitHub"s *PR* Pull Request) if:
        • you propose a successfully tested solution to an unsolved lab
        • you propose a successfully tested fix for what you believe to be a glitch.
        • you propose your lab(s) as long as they deal with areas which are not already covered and they have already been successfully tested
        • the images used in your lab(s) are not uploaded, unless they are open source
      • The conversion tool used in GNS3 1+ to load labs made for GNS3 0.8.x (*.net --> *.gns3) has been improved, but there may be some glitches left. If the conversion does not work correctly for a particular lab, you should use the old 0.8.7 release of GNS3 for it. It is possible to have multiple releases of GNS3 installed.
      • The conversion process should be significantly improved with GNS3 1.5 onwards.
      • It is theoretically possible to import some of them (the latest) into VIRL. I haven't tested that feature yet, please let me know how it goes.


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