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    WCS License - Error


      Good morning,


      I've had a problem with the WCS.

      I went to a customer to activate the WCS, and...


      First, they said tath they had the WCS software and WCS license in a media (but not found).


      After they send by email the WCS soft end license.



      Followed the problem:



      I installed the soft on VMware (Windows 2003)

      I got to access WCS by IE Web, but could not upload the WCS license.


      Appeared the following error:


      *** Please spcify a valid license file (host file of the system not match nsaov0143)***



      I cannot  to configure the WCS to run as Domain User.



      Adobe Flash must be updated, but I've no got to access the Internet (it's a lab)




      My question is:



      Was there a disagreement in the hostname that was registered to this hostname?



      What is happening?