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    Few Questions About Lab Exam


      Hi Everyone,


      I have few questions about lab exam,


      1] Can we search within the documentation using "CTRL+F" or even that functionality is unavailable?


      2]  Sometimes documentation is not available for particular release so do we have access to other releases as well?


      3] I will be sitting for my lab exam in India, I wanted to know if they provide any lockers to keep personal stuff.


      4] I prefer drawing my own diagrams so that i understand topology but I would like to know what diagrams do they provide? Like layer2, Layer 3 IPv4, Layer 3 Ipv6 , BGP, etc. or all of them?I hope this doesnt break NDA or if you think it does, then skip answering this one.


      5] Is it ok to carry few color pens to draw diagrams? or they provide what is needed?


      Thats it for now guys, waiting for answers,



      Nandan Mathure

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          learning cookie monster

          1. I do recall Ctrl + F. It is stripped down IE and windows XP desktop.


          2. Yes You will have access to all piror releases in configuration guides. I suggest keeping to current releases, though. The stuff is there but sometimes moved around. BTW this is a great question as all labs don't necesarrily run same IOS code so I would do 'sh ver' and ensure you are on the right code. I would also check the confreg to make sure that files will save properly.


          3.Depends on the exam... All have at least an L3 logical diagram but hard to say what else might be provided.


          5. In US everything from pocket (cell phone, keys, etc. goes on a table by the door. you get to keep your wallet. One person is allowed out of exam room at at time. It is badged entry so when the badge is hanging, you can go out and get coffee, soft drinks, bathroom, snacks). Not sure about in India.


          5. In San Jose they have a cup full of colered pencils and pens and if ink is low or pencils not sharp, you can ask the proctor for more.


          HTH & Good Luck!



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            Sydney has lockers. I'm sure there will be a secure place to store your gear in India - it's perfectly normal to turn up with a wallet, phone, etc., so there will be a place for it.


            As Marc says, they will provide some diagrams, but you may need to draw more yourself. Some people say they were happy with everything provided diagram-wise, some say they preferred to draw their own. You will certainly be provided with sufficient information to understand the connectivity of systems, but whether that is in a useful format to you depends a bit on you, and what questions you're being asked.

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              DEEPAK ARORA

              I took my lab in bangalore. Please find the answers inline.


              1. Yes, but now they allow you to search through documentation using search tab as well, though results may or may not be accurate.


              2. The official version of IOS is 12.4 T series, so you will atleast have full access to it. Rest may or may not work.


              3. Lockers will be provided.


              4. All diagrams are going to be quite detailed but in soft format. So don't worry about it


              5. They provide color pens.



              Deepak Arora

              Evil CCIE


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                Thanks very much Marc for very useful information and wishes. Its less than a week and I have planned to just go through 12.4t documentation , cisco technotes and just IP services/security/QoS etc etc. lets see how things go..


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                  Thanks Deepak   This is very useful information as I wanted to know and was curious how things would be there in Bangalore.

                  Since they will be providing detailed diagrams that would definitely save time.

                  Lets see how things go..

                  --Nandan Mathure

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                    Thanks northlandboy. That information definitely helped to clear my doubts


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                      Main Search is disabled in DOC CD (now is web-based);

                      but Ctrl+ F (Find on this Page) is not.


                      You will have to draw some diagrams; some people claim that not all diagrams are provided.


                      some good FREE resources (including video on using DOC in the exam) are from INE.com


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                        I attempted Lab in May and failed it


                        anyway...I have few things to share who would be appearing for lab in Bangalore:


                        1] We can search within the web-page using CTLR+F, only thing is DOC-CD takes ages to load. Its extremely slow . That kills time.


                        2] Yes all the releases are available to access and like i thought there were few technologies that were unavailble to be viewed under 12.4T .


                        3] Lockers are provided by Cisco. So while entering the lab you must out all your belongings into a locker. Space is preety good so a backpack can surely fit in.


                        4] Detailed diagrams are provided for each technology but its always good to draw n/q diagram so that we become aware on the connections.


                        5] They provide color pens with all the shades on every desk and 3 papers are provided so that we can use them for drawing or taking notes etc.


                        6] Carry few candies or chocolates with you if possible that would surely help to increase the energy during the lab.


                        Thanks Martin and every1 who replied earlier to my queries.