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    am new to IT


      am preparing for CCENT.. can someone help me on the materials for my preparation.

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          Nagendra Singh

          You can start watching the videos of Jeremy to get some concept on the technology. Its upto you the way you feel like studying. I recommend watching the videos and then studying the book. Packet Tracer is a great tool to practice configuration of switches and Routers. You can create your own LAN design and have fun.


          Along with the book you will get the Jeremy's video CD and Boson Test Engine CD.

          Install the Test Engine in your computer and register with the License key provided on the CD case. Update your Boson Test Engine and starting practicing with the latest updated questions on CCENT. These questions makes you technically well prepared and dont rely on for the exam.



          1. CCent/CCNA ICND1:Official Exam Certification Guide(Second Edition) by  Wendell Odom,

          2. Jeremy's Videos

          3. Packet Tracer

          4. Boson Test Engine.



          Most importantly you need to be perfect on subnetting b'coz exam will focus more on subnetting. Below are the URLs which will help you practice subnetting.












          Also please browse the internet you will get some good stuffs to make you perfect.

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            thank you so much i do  appreciate that. do you have any books i can read for it? i would be happy if you can send me one.

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              Welcome to the world of cisco studying! For CCENT i believe that subnetting is part of the exam, but a much bigger topic is to really understand how networking works! Know how the different devices work and how they operate is a bigger topic than subnetting IMO!


              Nagendra have already pointed you in the right direction regarding preparing, I have read Wendell Odom's book, Watched Jeremys videos, The official ICND1+2 certification exam guide, and the online-curriculum book that you get free by the Cisco Networking Academy classes.


              Of all those i rate Jeremy's videos and The online curriculum without doubt the best. I think Wendell Odom focuses more on the key topics and how to answer correctly on the exam, but IMO lacks a lot of the depth that the Exploration curriculum teaches.


              But again, i think it's possible to pass the CCENT exam if you know how networking works and how to interconnect the different devices...and for that, Jeremy's videos are just awesome!

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                Rigo - Community Moderator

                Hi akintunde,


                Welcome to the Cisco Learning Network


                You may want to utilize the study resources and practice review questions for the 640-822 ICND1 (CCENT) exam found here in the Cisco Learning Network. Visit the ICND1 page here and click on Study/Learn for recommended training and other resources to help you prepare. You can also find review questions by clicking on Practice.


                Good luck and best regards!




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                  Add this book "31 Days Before Your CCNA Exam: A day-by-day review guide" to your list.



                  My CCNA Video Collection