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    CSCO ID Question


      Hey everyone.... quick question: after I passed my CCENT last Friday I received an email telling me that a Cisco ID number was created for me. However, I already had a Cisco ID that was tied to my previous certs, and this is the one that is tied to my login for cisco.com.


      So far there is no record tied to my account that I passed the exam and earned the cert, nothing is indicated in Cert Fulfillment, Cert Progress, etc.


      Which ID will the certification be tied to? The previous one tied to my login, or the one that was generated when I passed the test? I tried reregistering with the new ID, but that did not work. I am just curious if I am looking in the wrong place for a record of my test?


      Apolgies in advance if this is a redundant question, or in the wrong location. I could not find a similiar thread when I searched.