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    Test Content VS Study Material


      I have the Following books


      CCNA voice Official Exam Certification guide By Jeremy Ciora ( and others?)




      CCNA Voice quick reference By Michael Valentine


      I have read both books. I recently started doing the Boson CCNA voice practice test  and also the Practice questions on the Cisco web site.


      I am a bit concerned that  I am coming across many questions that these books have little to no information on.  I have been able to google these terms to get more information.


      Here are a few terms that I was not able to find much about from the books. Please Keep in mind I am not saying these are not mentioned at all but there is little if any information on the following. Also these are my notes not the full name for these terms. I am not looking for explainations to these terms but is there a better book I should be reading to prepare for the CCNA voice exam?


      CAR Reportings


      Pilot Number

      isdn bind-l3(bakc haul)


      Microsoft Active Directory

      extension mobility


      Unified Serviceability

      Unified Reporting

      personal communicator



      live reply


      Message settings Cisco Unity Connection