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    CCNP Security lab hardware


      Just passed my CCNA Security exam today and now I'm thinking of moving on to CCNP Security, I read somewhere that 2 ASA's are required for a home lab setup, is this true? I'm wanting to upgrade my current home lab towards to what I would need, and if 2 ASA's are required, that can be pretty expensive, even on ebay. I'm hoping someone can give me some insight as to what I will need going forward. 



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          This question gets asked quite a bit. Below is a link to a previous discussion regarding it.

          In a nutshell, two ASA's are needed for ASA-to-ASA VPN and also to practice High Availability. For the VPN, two smaller 5505's are fine. For the HA, you can't do it with anything less than two 5510s with Secuity Plus licences.

          As a work around, a cheaper alternative would be one ASA 5505 for access to the new code for NAT, SSL VPN etc and two older PIX 515 with Unrestricted licences to do the HA as the commands for that are the same




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            Thanks simonb...I'm wondering if maybe I should pursue my CCNP Voice first, my lab upgrade would be less costly there as opposed to the security track, I already phones and the switches required, I would need to upgrade my router and I'm thinking I could sell a few of my current routers and pay for the upgraded router. Definitely something for me to think about...

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              My suggestion would be to do which ever one interests you more. That way you are more likely to actually enjoy your study and complete it instead of it becoming a chore because the content doesn't actually interest you. Personally, I think everything else is a secondary consideration to what interests you.

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                Believe me I know what exactly what you're saying, I think I'm going to keep pushing with the security track, I'll manage to get the hardware I need to add to my lab, in the meantime I'll hit the books. Thanks for your hardware reccommendations

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                  Also, any suggestions as far as some good study material, does Cisco press make lab manuals like for CCNA security?