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    Does anybody know when cisco press will publish certification guides for CCNA SP and CCNP SP

    Martin Villanueva

      Hi guys:


      My name is Martin and I'm from Peru. I'm CCNA, CCDA and CCNP. Because I work in and ISP company I was trying to get the CCIP certification, but recently I discovered that CCIP is going to be retired and we need to get the CCNP SP to get the same level of skill that the old CCIP. First Im trying to get the CCNA SP certification like the first step, I saw the topics of the exams that you must pass to get this certification and it look like a combo between CCNA and CCNP, but in some point the topics seems to be very vague and very large to study (for example the part about SONET, SDH, ATM, etc), so instead of study by my self every topic I was wondering when will CISCO PRESS publish certification guides to these certifications?. Currently there inst any cert guides for CCNA and CCNP SP. Does CISCO PRESS have planned to publish anything to get Service provider certified?


      if you know anything please let me know. Im very insterested in this track




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