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    Starting CCNA


      Hey everyone,


      I'm new to this industry and would like to post for some guidence. Im currently learning everything i need to know to take the CCNA exam and be successful. I am self teaching myself and not attending any schooling to complete this exam, however will be attending school for other IT/Networking related subjects. While doing this i have decided to learn more and take the CCNA as it will help with future employment.


      I would just like to see if anyone on here has some good advise for me, books, articals, equipment, anything that you consider a "Must Have" to complete this exam. I have a friend who is currently an extreme help and has completed a couple Cisco certs and his knowledge is termendous. However everybody learns differently and everyone has different resources, information, and different ways of doing everything. If anyone would be interested in sharing any of their knowledge with me that would be great.


      Also be interested in any tips for studying, gathering info, and really anything that will help with the studies. Im very good at visual learning so if anyone has sites or anything that have alot of video discussions that to would also be a big help.


      Thank you,