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    Standard Acl's ping

    Cameron Hughes

      hey guys,



      I just did a standard acl packet tracer with the fallowing

      R1is the source and R2 is the destination.

      R2 has 3 interfaces s0,s1,and fa0.

      We want to deny traffic to the fa0 lan host.

      R2 s0 goes to r1 and s1 goes to r3

      R3 has a path to R1 so we are redundent. (triangle)


      I'm wondering why when you set up a acl deny outbound on the fa0 interface of R2 you can still get to  the interface but not the other host.


      I mean yeah I don't want to get to the host but wouldn't you not want to get to the interface either? Wouldn't that be part of the "lan" that you are denying?