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    CCIE Security devices for lab




      I am preparing for the ccie security exam and i am abiut to buy some equipment fir my home lab. I was actually thinking of buying 4 3550 switches, 3 1841 routwrs and 2 5510 ASA firewalls. I am just wondering is it really necessary to purchase 4 layer 3 switches. How many layer 3 switches are actually required to mimic the INE lab workbook 1 and 2? Can u just makedo with a couple of 2950 switvhes and 2 3550 switvhes for layer 3 support?


      The ccie security lab uses 3800 ISR routers. Can i just use 1800 routers instead for the home lab? What are the 3800 really used for?


      To sum up

      How many switches if layer 2 and layer 3 are required

      How many routers are required? Can i buy all 1841 routers with Sec?