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    Frame relay sub interface ietf

    Cameron Hughes

      Hey guys,


      I have a hq router,with 3 branch routers point to point. with sub interfaces on hq. 2 sub interfaces use cisco 2 use ietf.


      hq. s0/0/0 no ip add, s0/0/0.41,s0/0/0.42,s0/0/0.43


      branches have s0/0/0 as the interface


      I'm having trouble putting ietf on a point-to-point sub interface. since point to point sub interfaces use the:


      frame relay int dlci #


      and not the


      frame relay map ip # dlci# (ietf,ciso)


      I know your going to say go change it at the S0/0/0




      encap frame-relay ietf


      Well I can't do that because my other 2 sub interfaces under s0/0/0 are cisco..








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          I guess this is not real gear or  if it is, you have IOS version that does not support command u need;


          R5(config-subif)#frame-relay interface-dlci 106 ?

            cisco     Use CISCO Encapsulation

          ietf      Use RFC1490/RFC2427 Encapsulation

            ppp       Use RFC1973 Encapsulation to support PPP over FR

            protocol  Optional protocol information for remote end



          R5(config-subif)#frame-relay map ip 106 ?

            broadcast            Broadcasts should be forwarded to this address

            cisco                Use CISCO Encapsulation

            compress             Enable TCP/IP and RTP/IP header compression

            ietf                 Use RFC1490/RFC2427 Encapsulation

            nocompress           Do not compress TCP/IP headers

            payload-compression  Use payload compression

            rtp                  RTP header compression parameters

            tcp                  TCP header compression parameters



          Result is

          interface Serial1/0

          no ip address

          encapsulation frame-relay


          serial restart-delay 0


          interface Serial1/0.105 multipoint

          frame-relay map ip 105 IETF


          interface Serial1/0.106 point-to-point

          frame-relay interface-dlci 106 IETF


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            Cameron Hughes



            Well it's on packet tracer so that explains it. But I can use ietf after the


            frame-relay int-dlci #


            On a sub interface?





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              Well, Frame relay labbing is the best in GNS3;

              there are other missing commands in PT regarding FR.

              Time to move to GNS3